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LifeFuel Norman Finkelstein is a based incel!!!



Feb 15, 2024
He tells in the video he has no social life, hates clubbing and has no wife and children. He also said he has been unemployed for twelve years. Even though he's 70 and used to be a professor.

I've always found Norman Finkelstein such a wholesome and relatable person due to his defence for the weak: the Palestinians. I decided to google his family and found this video. My hunch about him was right, he could be someone I genuinely enjoyed spending time with.

Not all Jews are Zionist or evil. And btw. I brought up this topic and person because his trending debate with the streamer Destiny that recently exploded the internet.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJDdTAIquik&ab_channel=bstev98
He could have been a highly paid professor at large American university but he chose to disprove Zionist lies and that got him in hot water.

His Princeton PhD thesis was based on refuting a seminal Zionist book called "From Time Immemorial" which sought to disprove the Nakba and Zionist mass immigration and displacement of Palestinians. It angered a lot of public intellectuals - everyone from Elie Wiesel ("Night" author) to people at the New Republic, Atlantic Monthly, NY Review of Books, etc and numerous professors in Middle East policy who were firmly in the Zionist camp by the late 1980s.

Noam Chomsky wrote in "Understanding Power" that his line of research would ruin his professional career because it exposes many intellectuals on the Middle East as frauds.
In the end, From Time Immemorial was eventually viewed as the Zionist fraud it is decimated by critics by the time it was released in the UK. But Norm never had a fruitful career. According to Chomsky, Princeton even tried to prevent awarding him is Ph.D.:

According to Chomsky, the controversy surrounding Finkelstein's research caused a delay in his earning his Ph.D. at Princeton University. Chomsky wrote that Finkelstein could not get the faculty to read his dissertation, and that Princeton eventually granted Finkelstein his doctorate only "out of embarrassment" but refused to give him any further professional backing.[16]
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