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Toxic Femininity NJ Female Teacher Charged Following Accusations of Sexually Assaulting 13-Year-Old FEMALE Student



May 24, 2022

NJ Female Teacher Charged Following Accusations of Sexually Assaulting 13-Year-Old FEMALE Student​

Elvis Dunderhoff April 21, 2024

Jenna Sciabica
Now the middle aged (but still a bit sexy) predator teachers are going after girls…!
New York Post:
A New Jersey middle school teacher has been charged days after she was publicly accused of inappropriately touching a 13-year-old female student — sparking outrage and bomb threats at the school.
Bomb threats?
Reached by phone Saturday, suspended Marlboro Memorial Middle School teacher Jenna Sciabica, 38, refused to discuss her charge with The Post.

She is charged with one count of harassment.
In a statement, her attorney, Mitchell Ansell, called the allegations “outrageous and defamatory,” and said Sciabica vigorously denies any wrongdoing.
The alleged victim’s mother addressed the Marlboro Board of Education during its Tuesday meeting, according to video seen by The Post, and dubbed Sciabica a “predator” who “sexually abused” her daughter inside the school.
The board, the woman alleged, “failed to prevent the atrocity that happened down that hallway” to her daughter.
The alleged incident occurred March 13, and the girl’s mother claims the crime was witnessed by another staffer, and caught by the school’s security cameras.
Okay so, it was an atrocity. There were bomb threats. A 38-year-old teacher is going lesbo.
We’ll see if it’s really on a security camera.
But I don’t think any of this is true. Anyone can say someone touched them, and prosecutors will now bring charges based on “she said.” They don’t require proof anymore. It’s the Weinstein standard. Probably, the girl saw stories about teachers having sex with male students (students with penises) and decided to hoax this teacher who she didn’t like for some reason.
But hey, if women start metooing other women, that’s kinda funny, no?

Surprised a dyke got in trouble for being depraved for once.
DNR kill all dykes (in gta 5)
Of course the kike media never call them what they actually are, paedophiles. "b,but noooo muh heckin womanrinos cant be pedos!!!!" :soy::foidSoy:

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