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Feb 3, 2022
Hi guys I just joined .is yesterday and I wanted to introduce myself/share my story. I‘m a 17 y/o currycel living in curryland (Mumbai). I’m KTHHFV, 5’5, fat and ugly. I have been lurking this forum for the past few months and finally decided to join.

I independently ’discovered’ the blackpill when I was 14 or so when I realised the way girls treated me compared to other guys. They never initiated conversation with me, never talked to me for more than a minute if I initiated and no girl would ever be my bench partner. Moreover they would insult me and make fun of me for being fat. Guys wouldn’t mind talking to me but no one ever considered me a ’true’ friend. They were just people who I passed the time in school with. I knew that this was caused by my fatness at least in part but I only recently realised how ugly I am in the face.

My biggest dose of suifuel was when I heard some Chadpreet talking to his friend about a girl in the class he had fucked. He said that she‘d had sex with 20 guys in the grade! To put that into perspective there are only 50 guys in our grade. Im not sure if this was the truth but she definitely wasn’t a virgin. This actually made me suicidal for the first time in my life. 40% of the guys in the grade slept with her and I couldn’t even look her in the eye!
I decided to ignore this at first but I kept getting blackpilled over and over again through various situations. It was during the March of this year that I discovered the blackpill and inceldom and realised that I fitted the definition perfectly.

I’m sorry if the post was too long but I just needed to share my story with someone who cared. If any oldcels or currycels could give me some advice I would highly appreciate it
insanely brutal low reply pill
Your situation shall be resolved once you hit 26,000 posts.
Welcome to the forum, GrAYnigger.
I'm an oldcel (43) and I would suggest that you make a concerted effort to constructively enhance your subjective satisfaction with life through self-improvement, self-enrichment and ultimately, self-empowerment. I'm not some new aged guru selling smoke either. I was once a completely despondent, dejected and utterly immiserated weak, lanky, ignorant and generally NEET undergrad. I came to the realization one day that I could either resign myself to a cruel fate of shame, humiliation and perpetual outrage at the world of hedonism around me or embrace my destiny and become a greater man. I gymmaxxed, studymaxxed and eventually went to law school, became one of the strongest and most musclemaxxed guys in the gym and now have status and a sense of superiority in relation to all the contemptable sex havers whom I encounter. I know that I can physically destroy them with my own two hands and intellectually annihilate them with my analytical and academic training. In the immortal words of ER himself, "I am the true Alpha Male, bitches".
@Ricordanza what are your thoughts on this

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