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Hypocrisy My response to the: "we only expose the crazy stuff incels do, we're not making fun of virgins"-argument.

This is the argument I see every IT-user use to justify their obsession and bullying of incels. I differentiate between incels and virgins only because braindead IT-lurkers would never understand otherwise, incel means involuntary celibate and not what some retarded IT-foid wants to change it to.

Why I'm arguing against this idea of theirs?
It's common knowledge that if you're spending your days rotting on IT you're probably just as pathetic as us, would someone with a great life and a bunch of kids or alot of friends to hang out with really be spending their time on some forum shitting on other people? No, you know it, we know it. These people love their own personality so much they feel they should lecture us on ours constantly, if only we were more like them because they are such great people. Showing them arguments they can't refute why their personality is dogshit will either make them realize they're bad people and stop doing it or realize they're hypocritical hateful people which destroys their whole identity of being "the good guys".

Even if you only pointed out the bad stuff (which is a lie), you're still only focussing on one very small mostly depressed close to suicide group of people.
Imagine if a cop was only arresting black people and has been doing so for weeks, months, some of you wackos even years, never arrested or ticketed a white person in all that time just 100% black people. White people could even do worse crimes than black people and the cop would ignore it but keep fucking with all the black people doing petty crimes. Would you think that's racist of this cop? Ofcourse you would, you're progressive leftie. But aren't you doing the same to incels? I look at your post histories, it's IT, it's neckbeardthings, it's niceguys, maybe some dyke-stuff or feminist-stuff in there. None of you have ever watched a woman or a Chad or a muslim or an SJW do anything wrong, you only care when incels or niceguys do something bad. The comparison is actually too charitable because there is no widespread depression or high suiciderate among blacks while there is for incels, but I know how much you soys care about your minorities.
Here are some examples of some of you who are guilty of this:
/u/Liz_is_a_lemon u/SykoSarah u/the_moonshine u/Princess_kitty14 u/Zoomie1977 u/LadyFausta

Saying "this is why you're an incel" when we say shit you don't like is the same as "this is why you're a virgin". You use our inceldom against us, you look down on us and there must be something wrong with us, why else would bad thing = reason why you're not getting laid? But the same people who think this will also tell us "there isn't anything wrong with being a virgin and they would never look down on us for that reason soysoysoy". Make up your mind IT it can't be both.
I wanna add that I truely hope that the foids of IT have the IQ high enough to understand that them spreading their legs isn't proof that their personality is good, it's not, in fact most of your personalities are dogshit and men would never hang out with you if they weren't trying to get laid. The fact you sit on IT makes you even worse than the average foid. You have no reason to look down on anyone.

This is an assumption but I think it's a good one so I'll throw it in there anyways: You don't tell anyone about your secret hobby of shitting on suicidal, mentally ill people who have a rough life, if you're such a good person why wouldn't you tell your family and your friends and your colleagues about your favorite hobby? Again it's an assumption, I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that you aren't so retarded that you would openly talk about your vile hobby with anyone, if you do then you're a complete psychobitch but you aren't guilty of this one.

I think it's safe to say reddit has a leftwing bias, your subreddit wouldn't exist if you did the same to transgenders, fat people, homeless people, suicidal people, blacks, gays and dykes even if you used the mental gymnastics argument of the title. Reddit is guilty as well and basically every reddit-cuck who justifies your shitty subreddit even if they don't partake in it. Don't use reddit as the judge of what is right and wrong.

Some normies and kids sympathize with schoolshooters if they realize they were bullied by people their entire lives. Heck that whole Joker movie was based on it and normies loved it. I can see why you don't. Sure you could argue that "the joker wasn't the good guy in that movie" but the white guys who bulled him on the train definitely weren't nor was the guy who made fun of him on live TV. So even the world hates you, they might not know about you or fall for your lies but they do hate who you are deep down inside, not just us.

Anyways, hope that helps you guys sleep at night.
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Michinomiya Hirohit

Michinomiya Hirohit

Jul 3, 2019
120d 1h 7m
IslaVista2014 said:
bro all this effort from your post is wasted on these degenerates. Their skulls so fucking thick nothing will come in. If they were really trying to understand theyd read this:

It is of absolutely no point talking sense with them. Its like talking to a runescape NPC in Varrock except the conversations on IT are lower IQ.

They are too dumb man give it up


Feb 25, 2021
15d 12h 46m
DonezoTheClown said:
if you're such a good person why wouldn't you tell your family and your friends and your colleagues about your favorite hobby?
Turn down for what
Lebensmüder said:
The absolute truth.

One of the most important things one has to realize is the fact that society doesn't care what somebody says, it only cares about who says something. It's only wrong when certain people say it. When trannies complain about lookism because no heterosexual man wants to fuck the fournier gangrene of a mentally-ill man in womens' undergarments, it's justified; when we do the same thing it's guilt-tripping and trying to shame women into giving us sex. When we take a closer look at the writings of many trannies, there is little to no difference to the writings of incels on the terms of lookism - but one thing is acceptable, the other thing is unacceptable.
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Deleted member 33833

Deleted member 33833

Mar 20, 2021
32d 4h 31m
They constantly try to explicity push the narrative that ALL incels are domestic terrorists. Taking that in count alone is enough evidence to dismantle whatever pathetic backpedaling excuse they make about ''we just want to help incels teehee''