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It's Over My mental health counselor abandoned me



Ticking time bomb
Jun 26, 2020
TLDR college mental health counselor hears out my social struggles, abandons when an autist's perspective comes out

My community college has mental health counselors you can talk to and I requested for the only male one. He could see that I made that requirement. I came into this for my depression and its results on my motivation and schooling. I had two meetings with him.

I just talked to him about my demotivation due to my social failings, and why I thought autism would make me alone forever. He said that I finally had a language to describe my struggles, that I could use to find help and community. He said I was getting to know my remaining two friends a lot more. I could meet people through them as they were more sociable. It made my situation feel like it could improve, as I was indeed capable of having close relationships, though to other males, as an autist. I often approach random people in hopes to befriend them but always fail, so I was reminded to be glad I have my friends. I told him I had struggles with girls, and didn't put any blame on them, only noting I struggled socially in general.

I think I scared him last week when I mentioned that, I could forget all of my past traumas and struggles if I got a girlfriend. I told him that I always knew I was different, from the oldest memories I've had with other people. That every interaction in my life made me certain that I could never be able to make a connection with a girl. The bullying, rejection, and isolation I experienced would be righted if I came out in the end on top with a girlfriend. I would then know I have no problems in the world, as I'd have the makings of a normal person. The destructive powers of my autism are nullified and my life is made normal. Yes I said this all to him in the half hour we spoke in our second and final session.

Alas it was my autism that scared him away. I made sure not to use the word "incel" or say anything he'd find misogynistic. He hasn't responded to my request for meeting this week. This is the last week of the spring semester I can meet as it's finals, and then summer. It's not like I was paying him or anything, but I really thought I had someone real to talk to about my problems.
Psychologists are all the same, if you understand their method of asking question after question and then having you gaslight into admitting that one of your preconceptions is false then you can't get treated. He probably recognized that you know their mind games and that he can't "treat" you.

Honestly you should just try gymmaxxing, looksmaxxing and socialmaxxing. I don't think that you'll ascend any other way. You sound like you are more socially brave than I am so I'd encourage you to to join a club at your university, something full of foids like ecology or social justice or socialist youth.
No socializing for my subhuman traits and autism
This is why you never and i mean never go to a therapist. They will NEVER get your struggles
I think most of this forum would do a better job at being therapists for lonely men than those so called professionals that have never interacted with a sub 5 man outside of their jobs.
He probably felt that there was nothing he would be able to do to help you. This or somehow you scared him. He felt E.R vibes and ran.
Not trying to put you down fellow-dude. But in the end trying to fit in society and having to not be yourself for you whole life just to be accepted by normies would be extremely exhaustive and in the end would not pay off.
No amount of thERapies will fix your subhumanity

I only attend group thERapies for triggERing sexhavERs with my broken soul
Real, My psychiatrist abandoned me
I think most of this forum would do a better job at being therapists for lonely men than those so called professionals that have never interacted with a sub 5 man outside of their jobs.

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