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News Mother Used Prison-Style Techno Track-and-Trace to Find Her Son Banging the Teacher



May 24, 2022

Mother Used Prison-Style Techno Track-and-Trace to Find Her Son Banging the Teacher​

Andrew Anglin December 16, 2023

Gabriela Cartaya-Neufeld: The first nonwhite woman we’ve caught is part white, or Jewish or whatever. Probably Jewish because who hyphenates a surname like that other than the Jews?
The only crime women are ever punished for is having sex with teenage boys.
I’m definitely starting to lean towards the theory that this has always been happening, and it’s just because of cellphones these women are getting caught, and just because of a lack of decorum that the mothers are making the whole thing public.
The normal reaction to a mother finding out her son is having sex with his teacher is to scold him, take away his PS5, and tell him to stop doing it.
I just can’t understand how this became such a big deal.
Further: mothers should NOT be spying on their sons. This is a much more serious thing than a son having sex with a teacher, quite frankly.
New York Post:
A North Carolina mom used a popular but controversial tracking app to catch her son having sex with his high school teacher in her car, according to reports.
The unidentified parent had installed Life 360 on her son’s device — and grew suspicious after she was alerted to his absence from rugby practice.
Again: this is really at least a billion and maybe as many as ten trillion times more outrageous than a bit of illicit sex.
Instead, the app curiously showed that he was idling near a local park.
The mother drove to the location in Mecklenburg and found him in flagrante delicto with 26-year-old South Mecklenburg High School teacher Gabriela Cartaya-Neufeld, according to WSOC.

After taking several pictures of the educator’s vehicle and license plate, the shocked mother called police to the scene and Cartaya-Neufeld was taken into custody.

The educator was hit with five counts of felony sexual activity with a student by a teacher.
She was initially taken to the Mecklenburg County jail late last month but has since made bail.
Life 360 — which counts Mark Zuckerberg’s sister Randi as a board member — has become increasingly popular with “helicopter” parents hoping to monitor their kids.
The technology can ping a parent if the device holder is inside a speeding car, or has left a pre-designated area.
It’s utterly psycho, and it’s incredible to me that people are not denouncing this.

This “over-parenting” is millennial lunacy, I thought, because millennials had kids so late. If you have your first kid in your 30s, you’re obviously going to be a lot more cautious than if you have your first kid in your teens, and the first kid is always an experiment (trust me).
At some point, you would think the parents would realize that trying control the kid’s behavior with prison style measures leads to more negative outcomes than simply letting the kid do what he’s going to do. At least, I thought it was an age thing – but if the kid is a teenager either the millennial mother had kids at a normal age, or the mother is older.
“Over-parenting” has become a kind of crisis, in various different directions. The problem is, a lot of it is justified. They actually are trying to turn kids gay at school, in secret, so the parent has a right to be paranoid.
The issue I see is a lack of decisiveness. You should not send your kid to the public school, that is insane. I was the number one anti-homeschooler, and I’m now supporting it because whatever the negative effects of that are, they are much less than cutting your dick off.
Cutting your dick off is one of the single worst decisions you can make.
But if you make the decision to do a private school, or to home school, or to move to a foreign country where homosexuals are not encouraged by the government to groom small children, then you make the decision and you stick with it and you don’t do insane things like allow your wife to install an ankle monitor on your son’s phone.
What if she’d caught him with a girl his own age? This is apparently about the age difference, right? That’s the thing everyone is crying about? Plus some Marxist “power differential” gibberish?
Parents are aware that high schoolers have sex. Every previous generation that is alive has had very loose women, starting with the boomers (in part simply because it was possible through birth control and abortion, in part due to the Jews). But everyone knows this is happening with high schoolers. At the same time, parents probably try to prevent teenage sex, as a rule.

So: a girl of his own age.
What does she do?
Film it?
People have to have freedom. A teenage boy is already grown. He’s capable of killing a man. Sexual innocence is lost. You cannot preserve a boy’s sexual innocence, and you cannot micro-manage your boy’s decision-making. You can teach him your values, you can teach him religion, tell him right from wrong, and then he is going to make his own decisions and this harassment and prison-style tracking is going to cause all types of problems. Everyone makes mistakes in life, many of those mistakes are sexual. You learn, you grow, develop – on your own.
We are born alone and we die alone, and truly, our lives are lived alone. No one is ever going into your head. Well, maybe they will with microwaves and so on, but even if they did, they wouldn’t understand what it feels like to be you.

tbh, average american family nowadays
brutally cockblocked by own mother
half breed nikker troon she looks like the stupid bitch in Joker
Fucking hate parents who spy on their kids like that. So annoying, and a huge inconvenience for people growing up.

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