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Most normies(especially non white ones) dont see what happened to their ancestors as the ugly geopolitics of the time.



Waiting for info.
Jan 10, 2024
They see it as a personal attack, as an attack on their identity, so they'll act retarded and hate people that had nothing to do with the geopolitics of the time and it will lead to stupid racial conflict that will continue for a long time.

Now a new *insert very evil event here* some time in the future, later generations will now fixate on that event and will now do *insert evil event here* then later generations will now fixate on this issue and now do *insert evil event here* so stupid.

This stuff can be seen with the trans-Atlantic slave trad, the north africans constantly seething about the french colonizing them(this won't stop them from entering France though heck some of them would say that them migrating into France en-masse is justified since the french of the past colonized their ancestors lol, their women are kinda cute though). Sub Saharan seething about the west colonizing them. They're so self absorbed to the point that they don't realize that their ancestors are not the only ones that were at the the receiving end of a shitty fate, heck even the europeans colonized each other.
All of this stupid stuff can be ended with morality, having a vicious hatred for people can be very unhealthy.

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