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Serious Men shouldn't be shamed for their bulges



mentally crippled by sleepoverless teen years
May 27, 2018
I just noticed how I need to plan my outfits around having something loose covering my crotch area i.e. some oversized top
it's kinda ridiculous, I want to be able to wear leggings or tight shorts without having to put a potato sack on top to cover my penis area
why are bulges sexualized and why are we made to feel ashamed about them? it's a normal element of the anatomy, bulge-shaming is analogous to shaming women for having a visible outline of the tits - imagine the outrage if women were expected to wear binders and loose clothing to hide their curves and if they didn't, people would scream "pervert" or oogle their tits: and yet that's what we're doing to men
it starts right with puberty: boys are shamed to hell and back for any indication of an erection, my personal anecdote is that I hit puberty earlier and my penis seemed big when I changed for PE or during swimming classes, so everyone made fun of me for having a constant raging hard-on when it was literally just my flaccid penis size - erections just occur randomly (because penises inflating and deflating is literally what keeps them working) for various of reasons, you have no control over them and it's insanely egocentric to assume you're the one causing them (imagine if men went "ha, you whore, you're horny for me!" any time a girl blushed in their proximity)
I could understand the edge case of someone walking around with a constant hard-on, but men are shamed for any indication of having a penis and that's just ridiculous - on one hand, women care soooo much about men being hypersexual "real men", but on the other hand they also shame them for having male genitalia, fuck logic
it requires an entire essay to get to the root of, but it all ultimately stems from the societal view of male body and sexuality as "dirty", "disgusting", "impure", with the feminine body and sexuality being a standard of almost childish innocence - women are portrayed as reluctant to have sex, you need to encourage them and get them horny (the male being the agent doing this) and the penis is the desacrating element, introducing impurity, think of all the porn titles "tiny slut DESTROYED by a giant dick" - I doubt even men notice it, but removal of male agency, being reduced to to the body/genitalia (i.e. the girl isn't destroyed by a man with a huge dick, but rather the dick itself has an agency + men are usually portrayed as faceless genitalia floating from the edge of the screen) and being described as dirty, animalistic and impure (as opposed to the ever-virginal femininity) are super common and it's a clear dehumanizing shaming misandric agenda pushed on your minds
my goal is to free the penis because we deserve to wear whatever we want, it's not my fault I have a huge dick which may peek from underneath my clothes, form a bulge - I'm not ashamed of my body and the penis isn't inherently sexual, it's what YOU, the foids, make of it in your dirty minds - if women are allowed to wear revealing skintight clothing, so can I - if my penis (again, I'm talking about bulges stemming from regular flaccid or semi-flaccid penis, not exposing your hard-on to the world) is "indecent", so is your cleavage (which actually shows off parts of your organs, it's not even a fair comparison cos it'd be insane for men to e.g. expose a part of their balls - the more realistic comparison is a girl wearing a turtleneck sweater and getting shamed for having a visible outline of the boobs cos, duh, unless you wear a binder or literally a potato sack tier loose clothing, it will be visible and that's the expectation for the male penis)
I hate how women kvetch about being sexualized when men are literally shamed for reminding others that they do have a penis and are forced to wear boring niqab tier clothing - no wonder men aren't sexualized as much, because the mere thought of wearing revealing clothing (which just doesn't exist for men, it's already cross-dressing territory which is another hypocrisy cos women wear male clothing all the time) is such a huge social transgression that it doesn't happen and you can only sexualize a sexless blob of fabric so much (which women do anyway btw, I literally cover everything but my face, layers of clothing, not exposing even my neck, but I get harassed by the "normal well-adjusted people" because I dare to wear some pastel colors instead of my socially accepted choice of black and dark colors)
it's a neverending hypocrisy: the female body is glorified, celebrated and praised, while the male body is an object of shame, disgust and accusations of "perversions" (if a guy having a tiny, obviously flaccid, visible bulge in leggings makes you so hot and bothered, maybe you're the perverted one - it's just my anatomy, it's not inherently sexual, any body part can be sexual if you're creative, but if sex is "penis in vagina, input output repeat" for you, so you see these organs as inherently sexual in any situation, that's a YOU problem)
same goes for camel toes: female leggings keep getting made with stitching on the front instead of the sides, generating the camel toe, and no one cares about it (and they're right) because it's just anatomy, but if a guy wears leggings and you see some bulge: no no no, heckin inkwell pervert, crucify him - disgusting hypocrites

it goes alongside a general trend of women being able to wear more comfortable clothing, exposing more skin in the summer (cos it's fucking hot), while men are expected to dress extremely conservatively in an extremely limited range of styles (a common example is school outfits which often allow long pants for fall/winter and short (approximately knee length) skirts for summer for girls, while boys only get the long pants) - the whole misandry in fashion fiasco is for another subject, but think about it sometime
I want to be able to wear leggings or tight shorts

Pin on Funny memes
If you have a big enough bulge, girls will thirst after your large cock
my butt is sexier, I go to the gym for the "Brazilian buttcheeks" class
I'm not really interested in that kinda pants tho (they seem like faggy restrictive tight jeans, unless it's jeggings or something like that - it's either elastic skintight sportswear or loose pants, both delivering the best comfort and range of movement), just sports shorts/leggings which, despite being tight, are extremely comfy and don't restrict the movement at all, the skin-tight elastic fabric feels as if you were wearing nothing (and it can deliver better warmth than regular pants (in winter), being basically thermal wear OR/AND it can be a breathing fabric which really feels like nothing and doesn't make you sweat in the summer), y'all really need to try it out, I'd also think it'd be restrictive and look silly, but it just adjusts to your legs and makes your legs seem more muscly than they are (if that's something you're looking for) - the fabric makes a huge difference in clothing (even different weaves and thicknesses of cotton deliver a very different feel)

באמת, באמת, אחי
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Meanwhile my subhuman ass has to worry about the bulge of my colostomy bag. My dick bulge is the least of my problems.

Both however do illustrate the hypocrisy of the "body positivity" movement that was rapidly co-opted by obese femoids instead of people with actual deformities. And live everything else in society in catered to femoids without ever recognizing the issues as it pertains to men.
Brutal, wrote an entire essay to brag about how big his dick is. But in seriousness high IQ thread, gynocracy shames men for doing what they praise foids for doing. :bigbrain:
Meanwhile my subhuman ass has to worry about the bulge of my colostomy bag. My dick bulge is the least of my problems.
I'm sorry, bro, that's an entirely different can of worms, even more shocking, cos shaming people for a disability/deformity is just Nazi-tier disgusting
my issues with the female hypocrisy regarding "body positivity" are minuscule in comparison, it's just a rant that came to me whilst shopping for gym clothes (I usually prefer a comfy baggy style, but the fear of showing a penis bulge struck me as a really silly way ALL men are discriminated against EVERY DAY for the tiniest insignificant things while women cry about "not having rights" meaning abstract shit important for 0.00001% of people like no unconditional access to abortion)
it's insane how fat women basically cry for not being recognized as sexy enough (because they're not discriminated in any systemic way; and landwhales still have their fetishists) while real people with disabilities/deformities (especially men, as usual) are left behind, as always
male issue: people bully me for my disability, no one takes my side
female issue: I ate McDonald's for 40 years (my entire life) and now some men skinny girls in their 20s are sexier (I still do profit off my OnlyFans but I could've earned more if the mainstream beauty standards changed) - HECKIN DISCRIMINATION! I'M ENTITLED TO THE MALE GAZE! YOU WILL CAST ME IN PORN AND LINGERIE ADS OR I'M CALLING THE POLICE FOR YOUR HECKIN FATPHOBIC MUH-SOGGY-KNEE!
again, I'm sorry for your issue, unfortunately no easy solution comes to my mind (you've obviously thought way more about it than me, so not surprising), so I can only assure you that I wouldn't care about your colostomy bag if we met irl, you must be strong to keep going (and probably achieve comparable if not more success in life than me) despite playing on nightmare difficulty, if it cheers you up in any way - don't give up, there's a fight to be fought and either we win and live in an utopia OR the humanity will be eternally doomed and at this point we'll be ghosts roaming free in the paradise, while normies will suffer in the shit world of their own creation
Brutal, wrote an entire essay to brag about how big his dick is
haha, don't worry, bro, it's average if not slightly below the average, because I can't measure properly if my life depended on it + there's contradictory info about what the average is, but I doubt I'm really big, it was just some of my dry sense of humor (i.e. you can't tell when I'm joking and when I'm being serious)
it's just a random thought that came to my mind cos I was shopping for gym clothes and considered getting something tight for once, cos, fuck it, I'm exercising, trying to feel better about my body, why keep covering myself in potato sacks, but then I realized how it'd be controversial and provoking to have the outline of my dick visible while I see foids exercising in skin-tight shit exposing every pimple they have on their pussy at the gym every day and they're not shamed for this - foids are socialized to feel proud and happy about their body, even if it's not perfect, while men are shamed for just regular parts of their anatomy
it's silly how I need to worry about sporting a few-seconds-long half-erection if it pops up randomly, which is literally just regular biology, it shouldn't be shameful, but foids walk around with their boobs and asses hanging out and make-up imitating a horny face and they're praised for it
there's so much shit about normalizing periods (which imo are already normalized - no one cares unless you start throwing bloody pads around cos it's a biohazard, literally just don't be disgusting and clean after yourself and you won't be shamed), but I'll be called a pervert if I fall asleep for a minute in public transport and get a temporary erection (because that's how it works) - dicks and even erections don't mean I'm a horny beast that can't control itself and it's a disgusting assumption to make
literally just normalize men having dicks and these dicks getting occasionally erect for an unclear reason - even assuming the rare case the judgmental foid is right and you popped an erection because you like her and got a bit horny: it shouldn't be a crime to be horny, it's literally just thoughts you can't control, it's OK as long as you don't follow with criminal actions and the vast majority of men CAN control themselves (and the suggestion otherwise is clear misandry)
Women get to have their tits hang out so can't we have our testicles bulge out?

is this you?

A Guide to Ostomy Bag Care - UChicago Medicine

Yep, my bag is designed slightly differently but basically yeah

Had to get it when i was 15 and had severe Crohn's disease unresponsive to medication. Im turning 25 soon so ive lived with it for almost a decade now

Sad thing is living with it isnt even all that bad physically speaking. It's the judgments of normies and foids and resulting inceldom that makes it hard to live with.
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There’s nothing legally stopping you, I would do it if I was packing a mallet but unforch I’m just average so foids would just point and laugh
i wear grey track pants with loose boxers all the time that makes my dick stick out idgaf
Luckily my budget isn't big enough to be visible
Take the bulge pill
i never had a problem with this, why? because im a dicklet.
I could say something fetishistic about the bulge, but I might get banned by idiots because people here hate fetishes.
We should eliminate the police forces and army ... and let women protect themselves from men ... imagine if women where kept wearing like this without police protection ... things will be way fucking different... and actually the way it's truly suppose to be ...
Brutal, wrote an entire essay to brag about how big his dick is. But in seriousness high IQ thread, gynocracy shames men for doing what they praise foids for doing. :bigbrain:

It felt like a humblebrag to me too XD

But yeah it's weird... men should cover up outside and be exposed in video games and women should do the inverse.

Maybe this is just the nature of being preferred by society. More freedom and not objectified.

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