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It's Over Medical update, I knew that this would happen



The Melcel
Sep 7, 2023
Follow-up to this post from three months ago: https://incels.is/threads/a-rare-genetic-condition-of-the-male-gender.585787/

So today was the long-awaited visit to the urologist. Turns out that online-self diagnosis can be effective when done correctly—he confirmed that I do indeed have phimosis and a particularly severe case at that (just as I predicted). For less severe cases where some retraction is possible, there are different things one can try, but it looks like the only option for me is circumcision. I'm probably going to go through with it as I can't see living the rest of my life with this condition for many reasons, among which being that it looks strange and is also unhygienic.

We've heard that losing the foreskin is known to greatly reduce sexual pleasure. While I was at the office, I asked the urologist if this was true, but his response was evasive. Afterwards I did some research and read differing perspectives online—some even said it improved their sensitivity. Honestly, I don't really know. It might not be the same for everyone. However, I still think it's very brutal that being an incel, I couldn't even be born with a properly functioning cock. This leads into the history of my "sex life".

My history of masturbation has been strange. I probably started off later than most, but at first I was doing it prone. Eventually I found out that this wasn't healthy, and so I quickly transitioned to my hand. But even this hasn't been normal. It's difficult to describe what "techniques" I have used. Sometimes though, I have done it the "classic" way with lotions or whatnot, but with phimosis this hasn't always been great. Ejaculations are not a "cumshot" like what one would commonly expect, because of all the constriction and no retraction. This aspect in particular is unhygienic and dysfunctional. All that to say, I'm not happy with either option. There are issues with both.

It makes me furious that most sexhavers would also have the experience of normal masturbation with a functioning foreskin in addition to sex. Even most incels would have the latter, I suppose. Meanwhile I have NOTHING. And on the drive home my dad kept saying how we should be grateful for the doctor and that "God is so good". Nothing against the doctor but how is God "good" if I was literally made with deformed genitals :lul:
Oh nooo! Your tight forskinoo! It's not like many people are cut already
Oh nooo! Your tight forskinoo! It's not like many people are cut already
As if that means anything :lul: I've seen people on this very forum complaining about they were circumcised at their parents decision. And many who go through with it willingly have deep regret later on.
Nigga, this shit reads like a gay fucking novel. I don't want to know about your dick, have some fucking self respect and don't over share.

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