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Listening to Women Gossip Reinforces Me not Wanting One in My Life



Nov 8, 2017
It is literally female nature to talk loads of crap and backstab. I don't see what's so great about potentially being with one.
Women are the worst creatures on the planet. If I could go gay I would
They talk crap if you are subuman.
Anyone that says r/Incels was toxic has never heard a group of women talking, that is real toxicity. They go in no holds barred and trash tf out of anyone they talk about.
Finding a diamond in the rough is overhearing femails talking about something interesting.

They've been totally consumed, and lost themselves in their cosmic-sized social lives.
their cruelty knows no boundaries, I am convinced they come from the darkest deepest pit of hell
This is actually one of the things I like about women. Because it's just a meme that men and women fundamentally differ in their views on serious topics such as immigration for instance. If only white women in the US had voted in 2008, McCain would have won. If only white women had voted in 2012, Romney would have won. If only white women had voted in 2016, Trump would still have won. Likewise, if only white men had voted in France and Paris, Merkel and Macron would still have won. And so on and so forth. 

The opinions of most men are just as shit as the opinions of most women. (And tradcucks and white (vagina worshipping) nationalists and feminists have much in common anyway.) BUT men are much more aggressive and political, they are far more likely to involve you in political discussions. And if you don't talk about that, there's often nothing left to talk about. With women you can at least gossip and avoid controversial topics. 

This is also why I get along better with my mother than with my father. With my father it's like ... if you can't talk about the "serious" stuff because you would just get into heated arguments anyway, there's like nothing you can talk about anymore. You don't have anything to say to each other. But with my mother ... I can at least gossip with her and talk about food or pets or whatever.
Office jobs where you are around mostly women is the best way to hate them.
Every time i hear women gossip want to punch them in the face and kick them in the vagina.
Most men just have a woman around to fuck. Most women have men around to pay for their clothing and mountain of shoes.

The extra romantic stuff is just idealistic bullshit that may happen like once a year if you aren't a teenager.
I know a highly academically accomplished female who I am currently orbiting. We have good conversations, but I am almost certain she isn't romantically interested in me. Sucks because she really is very different from all the other sluts out there. Then again, this may just be my dick clouding my judgment and preventing me from seeing the truth. Oneitis is a powerful infection of the mind.
Sort of on a related note: Has anyone here ever impersonated a female on the internet and then talked to other females?

What I discovered during my time doing this is that womyn will pick apart the looks of even actors when they are watching a TV show or movie. They'll notice some stray hair on his ear and go, "EWWwwww, gross, he is SOOoooo ugly." And said actor is a 9/10 sex symbol.

And then people wonder why we're so upset. What are we supposed to do with this knowledge? If this is how they talk about clearly good-looking males (and guys who have overheard their sisters talking with female friends can attest to how ridiculously picky they are about looks), how the fuck are WE supposed to feel?

To numerous womyn, Brad Pitt 10 years ago was "like, not attractive AT ALL. I don't get it. He's UGLY to me. EWWWWWW." What the fuck does that make US? What the fuck does that make me, the 5''10" 125 pound coat rack with severe acne and scarring and a voice that sounds like Kermit the Frog was kicked in the nuts?

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