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Blackpill Let's talk about cheating in life and in general (light rant)

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Another day, another mental breakdown.
Oct 17, 2018
I'm fed up with the utter bullshit spewed by those hypocritical scumbags who preach about playing life by the rules, I'm beyond done. It's infuriating to hear their self-righteous crap when the whole damn game is rigged from the start. They drone on about fair play, no cheating, no shortcuts. But what about those lucky bastards born with all the damn cheat codes—being tall, being smart, or genius, or having looks that could charm the pants off anyone? It's like starting a race with a massive head start while the rest of us are still struggling to tie our fucking shoelaces.

And what really gets my blood boiling is that these advantages are just handed out at birth, no earning it, no working for it—just sheer fucking luck. Some are dealt a winning hand while the rest are left scraping by with the leftover shit. It's enough to make you want to scream, to fiercely oppose against the damn unfairness of it all.

And don't even get me started on sports, those supposed bastions of fairness and sportsmanship. But let's be real here, it's all a load of crap. Sports are just another way to exploit each other, to screw each other over by putting in more effort. Do you think putting in more effort isn't a form of fucking cheating? Think again. Your brain is screaming at you to cheat by putting in more effort. "If I work harder than that guy, I could be better than him, because, I'm hoping that he will not train hard as I do." That's the whole goddamn point of training and practicing by outperforming your opponents. It's a fucked-up mind game we play with ourselves, where the rules keep changing and the damn goalposts seem to move with every fucking step. So yeah, screw those people who say to play fair in anything. Because when it comes down to it, fairness is just another word for losing.

And let's not kid ourselves, all those successful people and businesses are thriving because they're exploiting the shit out of someone or something. Long-ass shifts, peanuts for pay, sacrificing your weekends—it's all part of the game. Fairness? Corruption and exploitation are the real names of the game, my friend.
Nobody got rich by working an honest job. Playing fair is synonymous with just giving up or "I accept being a loser."

Everyone is cheating and I'm sick of people who say don't cheat. People are born with more neurons than others with more muscle or bone structures than others, born more smarter, intelligent, more whatever, you name it. These characteristics that I enumerated above are cheat-codes from the start and the people dare to tell you just to play fair. The audacity and hypocrisy are out of the charts. Basically, they want you to be below them. They want you to fail and struggle.

It's fucking over.
Putting more effort in isn't cheating, but what's unfair is that the motivation to make an effort is largely genetic.
Putting more effort in isn't cheating, but what's unfair is that the motivation to make an effort is largely genetic.
The question is why you want to put effort? If you dig deeper you will gonna realize that's a form of cheating because you have the hope that if you train more harder than your opponent you will outperform him.

Putting in effort is cheating. In the dating scene is obvious as fuck. Normies are putting a lot of efforts just to look better than other normies just to get a low-life parasite called a woman. They go to the gym, they're working more hours to moneymaxx, so they can buy more luring things to attract leech... I mean women.

Putting in effort is cheating. Look at the Chad he puts no effort at all in attracting bitches. When normies see a Chad like Jason Mamoa or Chris Hemsworth they don't even try putting in effort to compete with him. They know that they have no chance at all and they don't even bother putting effort.

Putting in effort is cheating.
How will you exploit and undermine the system?
Very Blackpilled post
An exercise in futility.
You won't meet a girl as a recluse but you'll have a lot of spare time.
I have over 300 rejections. Do you think I give a fuck at 29 years old?

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