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Toxic Femininity Lauren Southern turns against the trad lifestyle because she's a lazy, entitled bitch. She only wanted the benefits, not the obligations.



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Nov 21, 2023
Mang :feelsseriously: I used to fantasize about this dumb foid. She was supposed to be the ultimate tradwife, a submissive conservative woman with good values, who also happened to look good. The whole package, right?

View: https://twitter.com/NathanJRobinson/status/1787518162440708421/photo/1


But listen to this shit:
She had to do everything: the lawns, the house, the cooking, the baby care, his university homework.
Seriously, what the fuck did she think the trad life entailed???

The woman doesn't have to go to work. Instead she stays home, cleans the house, cooks and takes care of the children.
The man doesn't have to cook, clean the house or take care of the children, but he has to focus on his job and be the main provider.

That's the tradlife deal.

Everyone has some benefits, everyone has some duties in the trad lifestyle. But she has the audacity to complain about her part of the deal?? :feelsseriously:
I agree the ''university homework'' part is out of place. Who the fuck would even do that? Lauren is just a dumb piece of meat, she used to be a cosplayer. When that didn't pan out, she started the right-wing grift. Nigga, just ask ChatGPT to help you, your wife is dumb as rocks.

There was no help changing diapers, there was no help waking up in the night with the baby. I'd still have to get up, to make breakfast before work.
Holy shit, I just can't believe this is real.

Seriously, what do you think she actually wanted? She wanted her husband to do fully his part of focusing on his job, and when he comes home, she wanted him to also do 50% of her chores? What the fuck? This is literally the most entitled woman I've ever seen, and I know I throw around the word 'literaly' a lot. But I just cannot think of a woman more entitled than this.

She's now crying and fishing for victim and pity points, saying how awful her husband was, but in reality, she was just a lazy fucking bitch. A lazy, dumb piece of meat who couldn't even do the ONLY things she was supposed to do.
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Now of course, the entire leftist media ecosystem, who only years ago was sending death threats to her over the whole immigrant boat thing, are now SHEDDING TEARS, for this poor, brave, oppressed woman who went against the evil patriarchy. The 'evil patriarchy' being her having to do her preestablished part of the deal.

I've not seen anyone mention how absolutely lazy and entitled she is.
Everyone has some benefits, everyone has some duties in the trad lifestyle
Yep, women want to have the benefits of rights but not the obligations and responsibilities.
Men have to be drafted and die in wars for the Jews, but not the women. And they complain about how they are the ones most affected by it. Because their cucked betabuxx husbands died in the fucking war, she's alone and "sad" and now has to raise Tyrone's kid alone. JFL
I dont know who she is, but they are all pickme grifters. They know how men desperate are for decent foids so they lie. Gain infinite simps and marry a chad + gets clean slate from whoring past.
The fact that the narrative surrounding her and the overall public opinion (I'm referring to various subreddits and Twitter comments) is that she is a poor, abused victim and her husband is the evil toxic misogynist, is proof that men can't win even in the so called 'patriarchy'.

You literally cannot win as a man. Even in a 'patriarchal' tradlifestyle, men are still expected to do THEIR part, and also HALF of the woman's part.

Everyone doing their share is apparently abuse. Women doing their own part is abuse.
People are still falling for these muh tradwife redpill grifters jfl?
People are still falling for these muh tradwife redpill grifters jfl?
Yes. I did. Because I'm a desperate, vulnerable coomer.

But no one ever talks about this type of power imbalance.

Agecucks freak the fuck out when the girl is 18 and the guy is 23. Feminists freak the fuck out when a guy with a slightly higher position (staff accountant) asks out a girl with a slightly lower position (junior accountant), citing power imbalance and financial manipulation.

But no one gives a flying fuck about the power imbalance between a desperate, failed normie, and a golddigger whore who wants to take advantage of him.

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