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Cope Kenny vs Spenny Ep 2 S 1 analysis



Jul 2, 2021
72d 12h 42m
This show is amazing and you should watch it, it is very deep and complex

In this episode they really had a fair competition and there were not many strategies that kenny has used to make spenny lose, he for eample could have tampered his food again with sleeping pills

This is an endurance competition and normally kenny usually quits ssecretly in these kind of competition but this time he performed

synopsis of the episode:

challege: Who can stay awake longer

Kenny and Spenny explain the challenge​
Spenny proposes a gentlemans agreement​
Kenny ignores him​
Kenny starts to drink coffee, he wants to increment the dosis over the challenge​
Both are awake for 6 hours:​
spenny seems serious and annoyed​
kenny seems happy and casual​
kenny farts at spenny​
spenny is slightly agitated but he can tolerate it - calls kenny an idiot​
kenny goes to goldfield​
goldfield recommends coffee, horrormovies, sensual movies (has to stop at certain points), contracting anus, no sexual intercourse, slapping face and coffeepills​
kenny thanks goldfield​
kenny is already tired even before a day has passed and expresses his concerns​
kenny invites a friend called DARREN to join him playing videogames​
spenny joins them and they all sit in kennys room​
spenny is there to observe kenny and because he fears that he cheats somehow (maybe sleeping secretly)​
spenny declares to spend the whole competition with kenny​
kenny looks forward to drink coffee and hallucinate​
kenny purchased smelling salt to help him stay awake​
kenny lays down and clenches his anus​
spenny wants to go out​
kenny does not want to waste energy​
after 22 hours they go outside to throw eggs against buldings in their garden​
spenny tries to write a short story to keep him awake​
they both go to the city centre. the sun starts to come up​
after 28 hours they are in the living room​
spenny does not feel good​
kenny tries to annoy spenny​
they start to argue​
spenny takes a shower​
kenny dances​
kenny feels buzzed out and good​
kenny feels more confident to win​
spenny complains about kennys smell​
after 33 hours the go to the ontario science centre​
spenny still feels compulsed to follow kenny​
kenny started to use an electric wheelchair to preserve his energy​
spenny thinks it is morally corrupt​
kenny also wants to tire spenny by driving around and make spenny chase after him​
kenny looks at womens asses through his sunglasses​
kenny thinks that loud noises and bright lights gonna keep him awake​
spenny is tired​
kenny annoys spenny which triggers him​
spenny attacks kenny​
spenny invites kids from parents he know so they can keep him awake​
spenny gets exhausted of the kids​
kenny uses oxygyn to stay awake​
kenny thinks spennys idea to use kids is bad because it uses too much energy​
kenny uses the nap zapper, a deveice that beeps if he tilts his head​
spenny sends kids home​
after 45 hours kenny and spenny are seen in the kitchen​
kenny makes coffee​
spenny says that he is in pain and his head hurts​
kenny seems calm​
spenny seems more agitated​
both of them react slower and show less emotions​
kennys deveice starts to beep​
spenny thinks it was the fire alarm​
kenny explains the situation​
kenny is annoyed of the deveice​
spenny calls it a gimmick​
kenny has problems to make logical sentences:​
"This [deveice] is on so I dont fall asleep and this [coffee] is being made so I dont tilt my head down"​
spenny seems more irritated​
kenny exploits his mental state and starts to touch him or make sounds so he gets pissed off​
spenny becomes violent​
spenny feels hallucinating​
after 48 hours they drive to medical centre​
kenny keeps drinking coffee​
spenny refuese to drink coffee​
DR MODOLFSY examines them and puts them in a dark room to entice them to go to sleep​
DR MODOLFSY calls Kenny Penny​
Quote from DR MODOLFSY: Sleep deprivation does not only affect the body, it also affects the mind and as you know its been used as a veicle for torture​
kenny held in his piss in advance for a couple hours to help him stop falling asleep in the examination room​
the doctors concluded that kenny seems more awake and that spenny is fidgeting more​
spenny almost fell asleep in the test twice​
kenny was rejected after asking whether they can come back to the test room tomorrow​
after 66 hours awake kenny is seen drinking another coffee while spenny relaxes on couch looking very tired​
by now kenny has lost his voice due to excess coffee consumption​
kenny eats raw espresso bean powder​
spenny regrets not taking pills or drinking coffee​
after 69 hours spenny left the house, not concerned anymore to observe kenny​
when allone kenny is seen sad and also complaining but he tries to be funny about it​
spenny is saying he is doing it raw and is proud of it​
kenny takes oxygyn​
kenny takes pills​
kenny washes his face​
kenny pulls his hair out​
kenny spills a glass of cold water in his crotch​
spenny comes home again to see kenny with a biobright light visor which is used to mimick daylight​
spenny begs kenny to go outside with him​
kenny starts to get irritated by spenny too​
after 74 hours awake both are seen tp take a walk in the park​
kenny uses a horn to annoy drivers and to create noise to help him stay awake​
kenny talks to a squirell, refers to it as a brother and wants to make an army to defeat spenny​
kenny thinks spenny is a mess and should forfeit​
after 77 hours they are seen in a vam and kenny is singing a song about their friendship​
spenny complains about kennys breath​
after 80 hours kenny describes his situation: crash and burn​
after 81 hours 12 minutes 23 seconds spenny falls asleep​
kenny wakes him up only with a pssst sound​
spenny realizes he lost but is too tired to do anything​
as a humiliation spenny has to be kennys bathroom attendant​

comments about kenny/spenny/events/relationship of the two;

Kenny stayed awake long as a kid (with kid he means 0-25)
Kenny experiences problems if he stays awake for longer than one night
Kenny is interested in mental states where you go crazy and hallucinate
Spenny stayed awake 36 hours at once one time
Spenny does not like supplements
Spenny disapproves of coffee
Spenny mocks Kenny for his unhealthy lifestyle
Kenny loves coffee
spennys humor: "I dont want to be his heart"/"wasting tape"(matter of fact and dry)
kennys humor: pretending to be sleeping already
kenny and spenny sold scripts before the show aired so they are both professional writers
kenny is a journalist for vice
goldfield stayed awake for 7 days and nights by pulling his hairs
whenever golfield appears an asian theme song starts playing
spenny does not like videogames
kenny does not like to shower according to spenny
spenny thinks that kenny is mentally disabled
spenny is delusional and contradicts himself or rather he wants to preserve his pride making following comment on kenny making him chase after him: "He thinks that he has a wheelchair, that he is gonna expend less energy, therefore not sleep. He doesnt even know the basics of biology and physicallity"
kenny makes fun of handicapped people ie does not see the need to be political correct like spenny
kenny and spenny are both NT enough to make a tv show and go after chores
the television show shows them in ordnary daily acitivities like cooking, eating, making coffee, washing dishes so that the show feels very personal
spenny has caffeine sensitivity
This challenge has been described as one of the hardest by them
one of spennys coping mechanisms when he is seen how kenny is doing better than him is to go outside
even when filmed for a long time nobody seems to go out of their charachters which you would normally expect if you put them under such stressful physical conditions: kenny still makes jokes while spenny seems gloomy as always
spenny says that he hates losing to kenny like nothing else
Spenny quote: "Raw emotion, raw humanity"
spenny thinks he is talking nonsense and rubbish about jimself and questions whether he is normal and think he is embarassing
spenny thinks that he is competing against an animal
the music is often used to give a figh club feeling - competitive and not serious
the song kenny is singing for spenny describes kennys point of view about their friendship which has a lot of basis in reality, as spenny is now divorced and the little reputation he has is because of the legacy of the project in which kenny is often seen as the superior one, but of course the show wouldnt work out without him:
Song by Kenny:

Friends forever, Kenny and Spenny. And forever, in all kinds of weathers when it's raining or snowing out, we will always be friends. Best friends, even tough I beat you and you are a loser. Even tough I piss on your grave, we will be best friends. Sing a song about me. Mr Spencer, known as Spenny. Sing a song. Friends forever Kenny and Spenny

Kenny after staying awake for 80 hours:

Crash and Burn. GO up like a rollercoaster. Its a hard crash. And right now I am in a hard crash, all I have to do is work my way through it and I will be okay. I ll be up there again. Whatever happens happens but I am not gonna sleep.


Incel but not virgin.
Dec 17, 2021
49d 3h 42m
Download 2 1640222701587


Aug 15, 2018
76d 1h 11m
I used to watch that show when i was a teenager. It made me depressed in a way because they are in Canada and they are both jews. The who can bone more women episode traumatized me as a teen. A very degenerate show but some episodes are good.

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