Just some thoughts, not a serious post but still worth a look(maybe)

Dec 3, 2018
So last time I made a thread asking for evidence and statistics so I could see for myself(as well as present it to some bitch who didn't think females only picked Chad's) if all the claims you guys made had any studies to back it up. Some of you were helpful and I appreciate, others thought I was an IT cuck and tried to get me banned(believe me, I didn't even know what incel tears was until you guys posted about it) and this is what the thread is mainly about

So I honestly see you guys as fellow men who have feelings and emotions but have either been turned down too many times, severely judged, mocked, handed a shitty hand in life ect. So part of me can understand why you would lash out at me, but don't you think that sort of behavior is the reason why incel tears likes to shit on this place?

Theres many members here who are really agressive and angry with their posting, I've even seen some questionable threads that even some of you think are retarded(obviously excluding Ldars)

i was actually very impressed by the owners respond to my thread, he seemed very helpful, calm and understanding and I think we need more of that type or attitude around here. There's a reason why IT has so much content on their shitty subreddit, it's because there's a lot of members here who take it a bit too far with the shit that they post. This is just a thought I have in my head and felt like sharing with all of you, if you take a look at my previous threads you can see that the type of threads I make are usually about giving others hope and motivations to try to live a happier and more fullfilling life.

Unfortunately, a lot of you guys misinterpret my message and immidietly try to justify your reasons for giving up and being depressed as hell.
Aug 18, 2018
Ngl, you did seem suspicious at first but you can’t be too careful on .is these days (or ever tbh infiltrators are everywhere) As for IT, there’s really nothing that can be done, sure there’s many retards and tryhards running around and posting low iQ theories and acting like edgelords but what are you gonna do about it. Even if they were removed, those cucks on IT would find some reason to continue and decry the existence of this site

Emergency Manual

I don’t like hoes, bitch! I like video games.
Nov 13, 2018
I’ve been formed into a shitty, hateful person through a decade of being shat on by society. I don’t really give a fuck what you think OP, I’ll be as hateful and toxic as I want. (at least until the mods ban me)
Nov 8, 2017
The "blackops2cel" isn't as ugly as you think, he just took a shitty picture, he also wasn't an incel, rumor has it he's 6'2
Ha Ha Ha his facebook was leaked his real name is morgan lahaye and he was definitely incel. His face isn't as ugly as other incel idols though he is still below average. He lives in France and an ugly subhuman like that will never ascend in a western country. It is over for him.

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