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It's Over John Nash, albeit schizo, had a lifelong loved one (over for modern mentalcels)



Manlet, ND, NEET
Feb 12, 2024

Just read bold text bro.
Here's the guy.

Ok he was a math genius but also asocial and total schizo.
Based on his paranoid, persecutory delusions, hallucinations, and increasing asociality, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.
Though he was 6'1, he was definitely not handsome; yet he behaved like a Chad.
[In 1952], Nash began a relationship with Eleanor Stier, a nurse he met while admitted as a patient. They had a son, John David Stier, but Nash left Stier when she told him of her pregnancy. [...] He was said to have abandoned her based on her social status, which he thought to have been beneath his.
Then he met "the love of his life" (as the saying goes), a supportive wife.
Not long after breaking up with Stier, Nash met Alicia Lardé [...] They married in February 1957. [...] His son, John Charles Martin Nash, was born [in 1959]. [...] Due to the stress of dealing with his illness, Nash and Lardé divorced in 1963. [...] In the 1990s, Lardé and Nash resumed their relationship, remarrying in 2001.
Until their death.
On May 23, 2015, Nash and his wife died in a car accident
The wife of mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr., she was a mental-health care advocate, who gave up her professional aspirations to support her husband
Ok he struggled with his illness, but over all he had it quite easy (at least compared to us). Damn we were really born at the wrong time. :feelsbadman:
Always remember Eleanor Stier.

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