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Jimmy the bluepilled border-normie

Bad Savage

Bad Savage

Dec 3, 2017
Hey, would anyone be able to help me edit this story  - cut out most of the junk and make it more cohesive? Maybe to make a better title for it? 

Thanks in advance.

This is the story of a little boy named Jimmy - a boy who was dealt a slightly bad hand growing up. This bad start that launched Jimmy into a downward spiral which lead to alcoholism and depression. Jimmy eventually noticed that he was losing control on his own life, so he stepped away from his bad habits and self-destructive mindsets. This is his story. This, is the making of a purple-pilled normie.

Jimmy was born to two young and very poor parents - college students who were both unemployed. His mother dropped out of school because of pregnancy, but his father stayed enrolled in classes to hopefully, eventually procure a better future life for his family.

Jimmy had a loving immediate and extended family, and was treated very well as a very young child. After some time, his parents put him in preschool. Here, Jimmy got the first taste of what it was like to be bullied by a boy named Patrick.

Patrick would take every opportunity to tease, mock, and even cause physical harm to Jimmy. But little Jimmy’s preschool days were more diverse than just being bullied. He also made friends, especially his friend Jane, whose family lived on the same street.

Jimmy and Jane quickly became best friends, they would share toys and always play together, and innocently kiss and hug. They could even have been said to be “Kindergarten Sweethearts.” However, little did Jimmy know that this would be his last such experience with any girl for many years to come…

After preschool, Jimmy started kindergarten. Here, he would be constantly berated and scolded by the class’s aging teacher. Mrs. Potter did not like any student one bit, but she seemed to have a special dislike for Jimmy.

Maybe this was because Jimmy thought the rules in kindergarten were stupid. That having to write in a daily journal was useless. He thought that he shouldn’t have to color perfectly within the lines, and that most assignments were just not interesting.

Maybe it was because Jimmy had a baby-face, and it was fun to make fun someone who looked so fragile to see them crack and cry and fuss in desperation. Or maybe Jimmy just didn’t notice how mean Mrs. Potter was to all of the other children. Either way, kindergarten was one of the first steps to making little Jimmy’s bright spirits start to sink.

Halfway into first grade, Jimmy’s parents moved to a different state. His father got a job as a rancher out in the country. Jimmy’s parents were urged to homeschool him - such as to not have to take him 30 miles to and from school each day -  but they decided that it would be best for their son to be involved in socializing with the other students. Jimmy became the new kid in the very middle of the Fall semester.

In first grade, Jimmy was exposed to even more bullying.  His first day at school, another boy peed on him in the bathroom on purpose and laughed about it. After this, Jimmy avoided going to the bathroom during class bathroom breaks. He would only go if he could get permission to go during the middle of class. However, soon his teacher found out that Jimmy was always asking to go pee in the middle of class, so she stopped giving him permission to do so.

Jimmy would try his best to hold his bladder from the moment his parents dropped him off at school to the end of the hours-long bus ride from school to the country. But instead, he would frequently, embarrassingly wet his pants on the bumpy ride home. This helped to drive Jimmy’s self esteem and confidence through the floor.

After living out in the country for a year, Jimmy’s parents moved back to the previous state, to a small town. Once again, Jimmy was the new kid with a baby face among a vicious group of children who had already made friends and established their social hierarchy.

Jimmy made few friends during the three years his family lived here. The friends he did make were mostly made fun of by the “cool kids” and even these friends tended to make Jimmy the butt of most of their jokes. Jimmy got so desperate for friends that he offered to pay some kids to be friends with him. This pathetic strategy was doomed to fail, and probably even made things worse for Jimmy.

Jimmy’s parents moved again, this time to a slightly bigger town, just in time for fifth grade to begin. Once more, Jimmy was the new kid, with a baby-face, among a vicious group of kids who had already made friends and decided for themselves who the cool kids were and who the losers were.

Jimmy was lucky enough for one of the kids to approach him before Gym class on the first day at this new school. Roger was from a broken home, he had a absent father and a junkie mother. He lived with his grandparents. Roger and Jimmy quickly became best friends, which meant they got to share the wealth when it came to being bullied.

For a second, things started to look up for Jimmy. Throughout his fifth grade year, it seemed like a girl named Lydia was starting to pay attention to him. Jimmy and Lydia talked and laughed and hung out at recess and during gym class.
After this started happening, many of the other kids were treated Jimmy better than they used to. Girls at the school would always smile at Jimmy because they knew Lydia liked being with him. Maybe this was all Jimmy’s imagination, but it felt real to him.

One day, on a school field trip, Jimmy and Lydia were hanging out in a remote area of the park. They were getting along very well, but then something happened -
Lydia asked Jimmy to take her camera out of her pocket. With how tight her clothes were, Jimmy knew this would mean that he would probably accidentally touch Lydia’s body. What would she think of that? She would most undoubtedly hate him for it - right? He would be made into a creep and things would be just like they were before.
Jimmy refused to get the camera, but he was very awkward about refusing. Things between the two children were not the same after that, especially since this field trip was one of the last times they would see each other before sixth grade began. Even when sixth grade began, they never saw each other again.

The summer after fifth grade, Jimmy learned about masturbation while at summer camp. Once he was back home again, he would masturbate in private in the bathroom whenever he thought he could get away with it.

Sixth grade was the beginning of intermediate school for Jimmy. This meant a new school, and that all the students from various elementary schools would be mixed together. *Everyone* would be the new kid for once!

Jimmy quickly made new friends here, but met new bullies at an even higher rate. When it came to bullying, Jimmy could laugh off most things. Even some of the more pathetic and wimpy kids would make fun of him during P.E. while playing a sport, and Jimmy would be able to teach them a lesson right there because he was okay at most sports.

The type of mocking that Jimmy could not easily laugh off was gossip. Jimmy would frequently hear people gossiping about him when they thought he wasn’t around. Jimmy was very quiet, and if he ever said anything, it was normally in an attempt to make other people laugh and feel good. He couldn’t understand why so many people wanted to talk badly about him. This gossip made Jimmy’s already beaten spirits sink to an even lower point. The other kids had showed him that it was in his best interest to disappear, so Jimmy became even more quiet, started keeping his head down and slouching such as to not be noticed.

In the seventh grade, Jimmy sat behind a pretty girl, Jessica who had a big butt. Jessica always wore tight jeans, and Jimmy thought her butt looked like a heart! The seats in their class had a hole in the back of them. So Jimmy started to touch her butt through the hole. First by using his knee while pretending to adjust the way he was sitting. Jimmy didn’t even apologize for pretending to accidentally touch Jessica’s butt, and Jessica didn’t even react!

Jimmy looked forward to his class with Jessica every day. They never made eye contact with one another, but every day Jessica would sit in front of Jimmy and Jimmy would touch her butt as much as he thought he could get away with. Eventually, Jimmy abandoned the knee method all together, favoring the use of his hands. Jessica still never reacted to this.

Jimmy had taken sex ed, and by now he had seen plenty of naked women using the internet. He knew basic female anatomy, so he thought he would try and see if he could slide his hand all the way under Jessica’s butt and touch her vulva.

Even to this - Jessica never reacted! Never moved in her seat, or sat so that her butt would not be accessible. She never confronted Jimmy about it, never asked the teacher or moved herself to a new seat, never told any of her guy friends about it so they could kick Jimmy’s butt or worse.
Later in life, Jimmy would come to regret his actions and wish he could apologize. Unfortunately, that opportunity never presented itself - Jimmy and Jessica never crossed paths after seventh grade.

In eighth grade, things pretty much stayed the course for Jimmy. A new fat and ugly girl came to band class and started a trend of kicking Jimmy in the balls just because she could. Jimmy would try to kick her in the shins to retaliate, but she seemed to be able to ignore the pain.

Jimmy was also in a program called Gifted and Talented. Every Thursday, all of the students who were in G&T would go on a bus to another school where they would work on projects and learn interesting things.

One Thursday, Jimmy and a girl named Amber both missed the bus for G&T because their teacher did not dismiss them. They both went to the principal’s office to see if someone else could take them to G&T.

Amber was the girl of Jimmy’s dreams. Everyone at school thought she was the prettiest girl, and every guy wanted to be with her. Here they were, together, with nothing to do but talk to each other and wait for the bus that just took a herd of kids across town to come back.

Jimmy couldn’t think of any words to say! He wanted to be able to say anything, but instead he could say nothing. It was all he could do to stand up every ten seconds to look at the clock. Every ten seconds were an eternity for Jimmy. Sweat pooling in his shoes and between his butt cheeks. It was all he could do to keep standing up and checking the clock.

After about the twentieth time of standing and checking the clock, Amber said “hey, you know that it’s going to be the same time now as the last time you checked it”
An ice breaker! But Jimmy couldn’t take this, he couldn’t even laugh this off and turn it into a conversation after becoming a sweat monster, so he just looked at Amber and scowled.

Many more events such as this happened, Jimmy had just been too conditioned by all of his peers to keep his head down and not draw attention to himself.

From eighth to ninth grade, three random girls asked Jimmy to let them be his girlfriend. Two of them were asking because they were friends with Jimmy and it was a funny joke between the two of them. The third girl asked on a school field trip in front of the whole 8th grade class. Jimmy felt like this was a trap, and instead of politely declining, he rudely called the young girl stupid and said she should leave him alone.

High school was pretty uneventful for Jimmy. He made several new friends. Even though he was always the ugliest of all of his friends, having a group of friends helped him to find the joie de vivre he had at the beginning of middle school. Jimmy started to feel like he could talk and try to make people laugh without having any repercussions. Most of the bullying stopped as well!

However, Jimmy began to realize during his junior year of high school that his friends would always be willing to ditch him. He wasn’t one of the original people in this group of friends, so he had to suffer the consequences by being the loser of the group. Jimmy started to feel alone when he was with his friends, so he made friends with a new group. These people seemed like social outcasts to Jimmy, so maybe he could fit in better with them.

In high school, Jimmy failed at least one class every year. Classes were not hard for Jimmy, but concentrating on homework once the school day ended was near impossible. His parents had gotten divorced in between 8th and 9th grade, and it seemed like both of them were concerned more with finding a new spouse than with their kids.

Around his junior year of high school, Jimmy became very narcissistic. Helped along by the invention of MySpace, he found the best camera angles for himself and started taking lots of pictures.

Women noticed this, and a lot of them started trying to spend time around Jimmy. Jimmy would go to hang out with these girls very often, but because of his very iffy past with women and his poor social intelligence, nothing ever seemed to come out of these situations.

Jimmy ended up having two girlfriends in high school. The first one was a girl that came onto him. Her name was Amy. Amy was the one who pushed the issue, who was very aggressive and made sure that Jimmy knew she was into him. Even with all of her obvious signs, Jimmy was not sure that Amy would say yes when he asked her to be his girlfriend.

Jimmy and Amy dated for about a week and a half. After this, Amy dumped Jimmy for not being able to kiss her. You see, during this time Jimmy was very impressionable and was also being forced to go to church. The cool, new, young and hip youth pastor at the church had just recently said that he thinks people should not even kiss one another until marriage - so that is why Jimmy felt like he couldn’t kiss Amy.

The second girlfriend Jimmy had was named Rachel. She was only in 9th grade when Jimmy was in 12th. Jimmy did his best to initiate things and push the issue this time, but Rachel was not completely passive in the matter either.

Jimmy and Rachel dated for about six months. They even said “i love you” to each other. They kissed and they made out a lot but they never touched each other nor had sex.
Rachel went to a foreign country over the summer though, and Jimmy thought he would try and get involved with another girl while she was away. During this time, Jimmy did hang out a few times with a girl named Diana. When Rachel finally returned from overseas, Jimmy couldn’t see her the same way. He wanted more variety, he wanted to experience what it was like to be with more women. Because of this, Jimmy broke up with Rachel.

After the end of high school, Jimmy started working random jobs around his home town. He also made friends with a few groups of people who partied and drank.
During this time, Jimmy did a lot of sexually adventurous things -

*He drove six hours in the middle of the night to meet up with a fat girl he had met only once, not knowing what would happen. Jimmy got his first hand job out of this

*He heard of an ugly girl who moaned his name while having a threesome, so he met up with her at a party. Here Jimmy got his first blowjob.

*He was used by a fat, single mom as a boy toy. Coerced into having sex with her many times. Finally refused and got beaten up by her hulk of a brother.

*Got denied so many times by his crush that he decided to screw her fat ugly friend. Realized after the first time that her clothes were crusty and very dirty, but he decided to screw her again anyway.

*Kept on thinking about his crush, but kept getting denied. Jimmy became more and more pathetic every day until he finally cut things off with her.

During this time, Jimmy still had friends, but his friends were generally much more stable than he was. Jimmy’s friends all seems to have much more normal lives and were certainly better looking than him. Even everyone in Jimmy’s family seemed to have good genes and be good looking - except for Jimmy!

Jimmy’s life was going nowhere. But he was watching Band of Brothers and a lot of World War 2 movies in his free time, so  Jimmy decided to go on to join the military.

While in the military for the first two years, Jimmy was completely surrounded with men. In his free time, he only stayed in his barracks and played video games. He occasionally went out to drink with other service members, but never actually enjoyed bars or night clubs.

After being in the military for three years, Jimmy went out on Halloween with some friends. One of his friends, Clark, asked Jimmy to come to a bar without the rest of the group. The bar that Clarke wanted to go to was actually a brothel!

Jimmy hadn’t had sex in about five years, so he drunkenly paid for the service of an old, ugly, pitiful, worm of a woman. After this, Jimmy shamefully took a taxicab back to the military base.

After this, Jimmy was deployed. While on deployment, Jimmy visited many strip clubs and was touched sexually by some of the nastiest, disease ridden women known to man.

After being in the military for four years, Jimmy finally bought a car of his own. The military was throwing a fancy dance party in town, so Jimmy got drunk in his barracks and emailed women from his past, asking them to go with him. There was no way for Jimmy to know this would happen, but he also got sex out of this.

A few months later, Jimmy visited his home town while on leave. Here, Jimmy felt like he was able to do whatever he wanted. Jimmy forgot about his inhibitions and had a one night stand with a fat girl from a bar. Then Jimmy visited his fat friend, a few hours drive away, and had sex with her.

While in a bar, Jimmy saw a girl he used to talk to - Bethany. Jimmy thought Bethany was at least somewhat attractive, and all of the girls he had slept with before were sea monsters. Jimmy talked to Bethany and eventually the two had sex. Jimmy was very disappointed because Bethany was not as attractive naked as he thought she would be. Bethany’s vagina was also very stinky. Jimmy said she should have it looked at, but it didn’t stop him from having sex with her.

Jimmy had to fly by plane many times while he was in the military. Funnily enough, the place where Jimmy would see the most women would be in the airport. Every time he was in the airport, Jimmy would see beautiful women and blame them for being beautiful. “Why do I have to look at beautiful women that I cannot sleep with?” He would think to himself. Everyone hates flying, but Jimmy felt like he hated it more than anyone. Somehow, even with all the beautiful women in the airport, none of them ever sat next to him on the flight.

When he finally returned to his base, Jimmy decided to move out of the barracks and into an apartment. Many of Jimmy’s friends from the military had started talking about dating apps. POF, Tinder, and OkCupid. They all mentioned how easy it was to get laid using these apps.

Jimmy went home and made a profile, being careful to select only the best pictures of himself to put online.
Weeks and weeks went by with no date to be had. Jimmy couldn’t help but feel his spirits fall a little bit again. After about a year of using dating apps, Jimmy had only met with about three girls. One of the girls was very ugly and was nothing like her pictures. One of the girls was nice and kind of pretty, but her and Jimmy both agreed that they did not feel attracted to one another.

The third girl, Erin was kind of pretty, maybe a 4 or 5/10. Jimmy knew this is probably the best he is going to get, and she was acting very interested in him. Erin kissed Jimmy on their first meeting, and on their third meeting, she insisted that they go to Jimmy’s house to have sex.

Jimmy and Erin kept meeting up and having sex. Jimmy thought she had a lot of body odor even after showering, and  she was only 4 or 5/10. This made it hard for Jimmy to get off, and Erin would always be disappointed in Jimmy.

After about 3 months of dating and having sex with Erin, Jimmy took another flight back to his home town. Same thing at the airport - why did Jimmy have to look at all these pretty girls and their bodies, but not be able to touch? Jimmy had always heard from his friends that girls can sense when a guy is in a relationship and getting plenty of sex, and that they are attracted to it. So why were none of the girls attracted to Jimmy?

While visiting home, Erin insisted that Jimmy call her using Skype. They talked, and Erin tried to turn the Skype call into phone sex, but Jimmy was staying at his uncle’s house and didn’t want anything embarrassing to happen.
Only, the Skype call did make Jimmy kind of horny. Jimmy was staying in his cousin’s old room. She had just left a year or two ago to start college. Jimmy went through her chest of drawers until he found the smelliest pair of panties he could find and masturbated to the panties.

A few weeks later, Jimmy flew back to his apartment. Erin had changed her picture on Facebook - it was now her and another man, not Jimmy, at an ice skating rink. Erin was also away on business for three months, so Jimmy didn’t have any outlet for his sexual desires.

During this time, Jimmy was diagnosed with depression. He was made to take Prozac, and told not to drink alcohol. The only problem with this was that Jimmy hated most things about life, and could only really get through every day by drinking enough alcohol to pass out. Jimmy would frequently buy a six pack of beer or a bottle of wine, down the whole thing, then drive -while drunk- to get more alcohol.

One time, while drunk of course, Jimmy got on Facebook and started looking at profiles of girls from his hometown. Jimmy remembered one girl, Tara, that he had met at a pool party once.

Tara was the younger sister of Max, a boy in the same grade as Jimmy. Jimmy remembered that while he was in school, every boy wanted to be with Tara. Jimmy sent Tara a message and forgot about it. But the next day, Tara messaged back!

The two of them got to talking quite a bit, Jimmy would always get drunk and call Tara, but she wouldn’t know he was drunk. They would talk for hours, and even text each other constantly during the day. After Tara started sending sexy pictures to Jimmy, he decided that he had to visit his hometown again and see if anything would happen between the two of them.

Jimmy flew out again, this time not noticing any of the girls in the airport. He had one thing on his mind, and he was also very involved in texting, sending and receiving messages on his smart phone.

He finally made it back to his home town, and got off the plane. The next night he met up with Tara. They met with a hug, started talking, and got along very well. Jimmy and Tara went to Tara’s parents’ house and took some alcohol from them. They drank and talked at her parents’ boat dock while looking out at the water. This seemed like the best thing Jimmy could have ever asked for! Tara was for sure a 8 to a 10/10 and Jimmy knew she was interested in him.

They ended that night by going to Tara’s apartment and giving each other hand and head all night long. Jimmy learned that Tara was a squirter! Jimmy had developed a special taste for squirting girls after watching so much porn, and here he had found one in real life!

Every night of the next few weeks was filled with sexual activity. Jimmy and Tara would rub their bodies all over each other making each other cum over and over again. They embraced each other and both of them said “I love you”. They went on road trips to vineyards and wine tastings and to fairs. Staining the sheets at various hotels along the way with Tara’s flowing juices. Jimmy flew back to his duty station knowing that this was the woman for him.

When Jimmy got back, he asked to be taken off of Prozac. He was feeling like he had beaten depression once and for all, and he also felt like Prozac kept him from having an orgasm when he was with Tara.

But what Jimmy didn’t know about Tara was that she was a survivor of an attempted suicide and that she had bipolar disorder. Jimmy asked Tara on the phone if she would be his girlfriend, but she said, “Jimmy, you have to ask me that in person”. The two of them planned to see each other that christmas holiday.

However, it all went south when Tara called Jimmy saying that she had gone to bed with another man. “We didn’t have sex” she said. Jimmy could tell that Tara had a need to be validated by having a man by her side at all times, and that he was just one piece in her crazy machine for three weeks. He told her the same, and - of course - she didn’t take it well.

Tara was a christian, so Jimmy started going to church - hoping maybe this would win her back. He texted her every day, but never heard back from her. He even texted her bible verses that he was studying, hoping that it would fix the situation. Finally, Tara sent Jimmy a long Facebook message saying that she never loved him and that he was too clingy.

Erin was back in town, so Jimmy slept with her a couple of times. However, Jimmy had changed a lot of his sex habits from all the time he spent with Tara. Erin ended up figuring it out and she said she never wanted to see Jimmy again.

Jimmy kept going to church, and got back on the dating apps hoping to find someone else to be with. Now he wasn’t thinking as much about sex, since he was being brainwashed by church. He thought he just wanted a relationship.

After a few weeks on the dating apps, Jimmy found a girl named Carly, a solid 8-9/10. Carly was only in town for awhile. She had just finished college and was due to move to another state to start work there. If Jimmy hadn’t been so brainwashed, the two of them would probably have had sex or at least given each other hand jobs. However, Jimmy was totally brainwashed at this time so he just tried to convert Carly and got absolutely nothing out of getting to know her.

Jimmy fell into a slump again. He was going all of the activities at church, but nothing was happening. He tried to talk to a few of the girls at church, but it seemed just like being the new guy in elementary and intermediate school all over again. Nobody wanted him, and even among his friends he was the loser of the group. At least church helped Jimmy to stop using alcohol.

It had been six years since Jimmy joined the military, and his obligation to service was over. Jimmy received an honorable discharge. He decided not to move back to his hometown, and instead started college at the community college that was around the corner from his apartment.

Jimmy didn’t feel like he was completely out of the slump, but he got to spend time outside every day now that he was out of the military. Jimmy’s skin started to have a healthy glow, and he felt the happiest that he had ever since Tara dropped all communications with him. It had been almost a year since then.

His first day at college, Jimmy met a woman from South America, Rosa, a 6-8/10. She seemed very interested in Jimmy, but he didn’t know if that was simply South American culture or if it was her true feelings.

Jimmy was making great grades in college. In high school, he barely got by with a passing grade, but here, he was making all As on everything. His life felt like it was falling into place.

About halfway into the Fall semester, Rosa invited Jimmy to hang out after school. On a Friday night the two of them went to the park and started kissing. Rosa was about six years older than Jimmy, and she was very experienced with sex. There was no intercourse, but they got each other off. Rosa gave Jimmy the best orgasm he ever had.

However, Jimmy was still very involved in church at this time. He couldn’t help but feel guilty about what had happened between him and Rosa. Jimmy waited another week before telling Rosa that he feels bad about it, and that they shouldn’t see each other outside of school anymore.
Fall semester came to an end and Spring semester began. Jimmy noticed that a girl from his math class, Alice, was in the same Biology class as him. Jimmy thought she was very pretty, she was small and young too. What’s more, she randomly got his number from another classmate and sent him a text.

Alice had a boyfriend, but it seemed to Jimmy like she went out of her way to hang out with him all the time. One day, they went on a hike, then took Jimmy’s boat to the lake and rode around for hours. While driving Alice home, Jimmy felt like he would be able to kiss her, but nothing happened - he wasn’t able to. Church must have finally hollowed out what was left of Jimmy’s skull, because now he couldn’t even make a simple move.

During summer school, Jimmy got back on the dating apps and also joined a christian dating app. Jimmy met a girl named Rebecca, and she started a conversation with him.

Rebecca thought Jimmy was very cute, but Jimmy wasn’t super thrilled with Rebecca. He thought she was about a 5-6/10 at best. But Jimmy also thought that she should at least be given a chance. Jimmy and Rebecca went on a few dates, but then Rebecca left on a trip overseas only weeks after they met.

Jimmy met a few other girls from dating apps, but nothing really sparked. Rosa told Jimmy that she was about to leave for South America again, so Jimmy had sex with her.

Rebecca came back after a month and the two of them started going on more dates together. After another month, Jimmy asked Rebecca to be his girlfriend.

Fall semester started up again, and Jimmy was able to take only a handful of classes. He and Rebecca went on dates at least two or three times a week. Jimmy could start to see them having a future together, but Jimmy also felt like he had never had his fill of attractive women and done everything he wanted to sexually.

Jimmy found another brothel in town, and went there three times. The second time was a horrible experience for him, but the first time was so amazing that it kept him coming back for more. The girl there really made Jimmy feel like he was her lover, not just some guy off the street paying for sex. This still was not enough for Jimmy to feel like he had his fill of attractive women and done everything he wanted to sexually.

During a night lab, Jimmy made friends with a shy nerdy girl named Nina who he thought was very pretty. After lab, Nina asked Jimmy if he could give her a ride home. Weeks and weeks went by with every night lab going like this. Jimmy took Nina to a few places to hang out. One night, Nina asked Jimmy if he wanted to kiss her.

They kissed in Jimmy’s car for awhile, but Jimmy noticed that Nina was horrible at kissing. Nina asked Jimmy if he wants a relationship, but Jimmy said he only wants sex. Nina would not have it, but she said they can still be friends.

A few weeks later, Jimmy finally asked Nina if she would be his girlfriend - all the while he was still dating Rebecca. Nina said yes, and they made out for hours in Jimmy’s car. Jimmy had never felt so turned on before.

Jimmy was more sexually attracted to Nina than to Rebecca, but he thought Rebecca was more stable and felt like he would have more of a future with her. Jimmy knew that Rebecca wouldn’t have sex with him until they were married though, since she was a christian. Nina, on the other hand, was an atheist. She was basically begging to have sex with Jimmy ever since they started dating, but Jimmy couldn’t take her to his apartment, since his roommate was from church.

During christmas holiday, Jimmy decided to take Nina to a hotel to have sex with her. Nina was much better at sex than she was at kissing, although that is not saying much. After this, Jimmy decided to tell Nina that they were breaking up. She cried and couldn’t understand why they were breaking up, but Jimmy felt like he couldn’t tell her the real reason either.

After christmas holiday, Jimmy moved into a studio apartment of his own. Nina started texting him again, and said that she wanted to hang out at Jimmy’s new apartment. Jimmy said yes, and Nina came over. Nina said that this time they could be friends with benefits, so Jimmy obliged and they started having sex again. Jimmy and Nina had a lot of sex now that he didn’t feel held back by his roommate. However, Jimmy never could feel like he was getting his fill of everything sexual he could do with women.

After feeling unrequited love for so long, Nina felt like she was being punished, but for no reason. In order to justify this, she created a reason for which she should be punished. Nina found a guy who was a self proclaimed swinger and had sex with him without a condom. She never told Jimmy about this, but while they were making out and about to have sex, Jimmy noticed a horrible smell coming from Nina’s vagina.

Nina decided to leave after that. A week later she told Jimmy what had happened. Jimmy was relieved that he felt like he finally had an out to the situation. Maybe now he could focus on his relationship with Rebecca.

Jimmy and Rebecca went on a summer vacation together, but after a few weeks, Nina started texting Jimmy some lewd pictures. Jimmy, who still felt like his thirst for women had not been quenched, asked for more. All the while Rebecca knew nothing about this. After a few more weeks, the messages from Nina stopped completely. Jimmy started out kind of worried, but then Nina said she didn’t think she should be texting someone who doesn’t care about her. Once again, Jimmy was happy to have found an out to the situation. Maybe now he could focus on his relationship with Rebecca.

Later that summer, Jimmy decided that he should ask Rebecca to marry him. Things were going pretty well between them, and he felt like he might be able to keep his desires for women in check as long as he as a sexual outlet. Jimmy also felt like if he didn’t get married to Rebecca, his life would fall out of his control. The two had a very short engagement and got married three weeks later.

Jimmy started school again this Fall. Nina started texting him again, and they spend some time together at school. Currently, Jimmy is just hoping that Nina stops trying to hang out with him. She is depressing, acts depressed and seems to be very needy. Jimmy doesn’t want to tell her that he is not interested anymore, but doesn’t want her around either.

Anyway, that’s basically Jimmy’s life in a nutshell


Nov 8, 2017
I normally don't edit content at all, but when you get it to a final draft content-wise you can send it over to me and I can look it over in terms of wording/grammar/syntax/etc.

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