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Theory Jewish People The Parasitical Feces Centered Entity

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Pillow City Pimp

"Ultravisionary Blackpilism"
Nov 15, 2021
The Fecal Fixation of The Jewish People
The Jewish obsession with feces is very disturbing, and very real. In fact, it is openly admitted by many Jews.
In an article called The Past, and Future, of Jewish Humor, the Jewish writer Uriel Heilman writes:

“And if it’s scatological, all the better.”
“For a Jew, a bowel movement is an event,” Waldoks declared. “That’s why there’s so much bathroom humor.”(1)

Tablet magazine columnist Marjorie Ingall had this to say about the Jewish fecal obsession:

“Jews have a fine tradition of scatological humor.” “When new [Jewish] moms get together they love talking about poop.”(2)

In a weird article about toilet training, Jewess Carla Naumburg proudly states:

“We talk about poop a lot in my family. You might think it’s just because we’re the parents of a toddler and an infant, and that’s definitely part of it. But we’re also Jews, so it comes naturally to us.”(3)

A Jew named Howard Rheingold has a blog titledHoward’s Butt, where he writes extensively about his rectal cancer. In this blog we find yet another glowing reference to the bowel process:

“A lot of psycho-social-sexual-mythological energy flows forth from our organ of shit,”(4)

Jewish actress Tori Spelling made a blog entry about plunging a toilet for her toddler entitled Poo’s funny…Sometimes! Here’s what she said:

“I’m NOT shit shy. In fact, I’m a Poo Fanatic and a fart joke fan to the extreme. I even have the childhood cartoon books “The Gas We Pass” and “Everybody Poo’s!” proudly displayed on my mantle while my unused copy of “War and Peace” collects dust buried in my sock drawer. Hey, I’m a self-professed and mildly obsessed Poo Lover and not ashamed to admit it. Shit’s funny!”(5)

This unhealthy obsession has also been recognized and noted upon by many well respected antisemitic researchers. Michael Collins Piper
of American Free Press had the following to say on page 423 of his book The Confessions of an Anti-Semite:

“And speaking of toilet “humor,” I must be honest in saying that it’s probably no coincidence that, over the years, when I’ve received emails from people upset about my opposition to Israel that the messages-which are usually posed in a scoffing, sarcastic, belittling tone-most always contain allusions to bodily functions in one form or another. I do not exaggerate. In fact, not once, but twice-and I kid you not-Jewish critics have even made references to dirty diapers, the presumptive “humor” being in the fact, as the writers made clear, that my last name [Piper] happens to rhyme with diaper. Juvenile, to be sure, but a sad reflection on the peculiar mindset of my Jewish critics.”

The late Dr. William Pierce of the National Alliance made these remarks in an April 2001 radio broadcast/article entitled Shocking Differences:

“This is something I first noticed when I was a junior high school student in Dallas, Texas. The school I attended was in one of Dallas’ wealthier suburbs, and there were a number of Jews in the school. What I and several of my classmates noticed about the Jews was their uniquely Jewish sense of humor. One doesn’t expect much delicacy in the jokes told by 14-year-olds, of course, but the thing that made the jokes that appealed especially to the Jews stand out was their scatological content. Nearly every Jewish joke involved excrement in one way or another. As I said, this Jewish tendency was so pronounced that I and my Gentile classmates noticed it and commented on it, even though we didn’t understand it. And it wasn’t that we had an exceptionally large number of budding Howard Sterns among our Jewish classmates. The inclination toward scatology is a general Jewish characteristic. Jews themselves, including Jewish psychologists, have commented on this Jewish trait often, explaining it in terms of the collective Jewish experience throughout history. It is real, and it is quite noticeable.”

He then tells an anecdote about Jewish run MTV:

“I don’t watch MTV myself, and I suspect that most White parents of teenaged girls, even very liberal and trendy parents, also don’t pay attention to what their daughters are being indoctrinated with by Sumner Redstone’s MTV. An example of which I recently became aware was brought to my attention by the filing just last week of a lawsuit against MTV in Los Angeles Superior Court. Let me give you the details: three months ago, on January 21, MTV was taping a pilot for a new show called Dude, This Sucks. Some teenaged girls were visiting the studio during the taping. A studio employee instructed them to stand on the stage in a certain place for a part of the show in which a pair of performers known as the “Shower Rangers” were to go through their routine. The girls were not told what the performance would be or how they would be involved in it.
The “Shower Rangers” were two men dressed in Boy Scout uniforms. They came on stage, turned their backs to the camera and to the teenaged spectators on the stage, dropped their trousers, bent over, and let fly with a shower of semi-liquid feces, spattering the unsuspecting girls from head to foot. Apparently they had dosed themselves with a powerful laxative prior to the performance.
To Jews, including billionaire Jewish media moguls like the owner of CBS and MTV, Sumner Redstone, this sort of thing is hilariously funny. It’s their idea of humor. Unfortunately for MTV, however, the girls who were sprayed by MTV’s “Shower Rangers” weren’t amused, nor were their parents. Last week two of the girls sued.
One of them told the court:

“We were having a good time until the second act of Dude, This Sucks went on. All of a sudden I was smelling something disgusting, and I started to gag. I looked around at my friends. They were covered in something. As I looked down at myself I realized that I was too.”

Another of the plaintiffs, 14-year-old Kelly Sloat, spoke of the humiliation the girls felt when they returned to school:

“Everyone knew about it, even some of the teachers. Most of the kids were cracking jokes or wouldn’t come near us because, even though we washed off the feces, they said we smelled. I will never, ever forget what a horrible experience this was.”(6)

The Media

The Jewish inclination toward fecal humor is most apparent in Hollywood movies. A recent movie called Bridesmaids, directed by half-Jew Paul Feig, contains a scene in which the female cast all get food poisoning at the same time.
What follows is a truly sickening orgy of women crapping and vomiting all over the place. One girl throws up all over a toilet. Another then comes in and throws up on the back of the first one’s head, while a fat woman sits on the sink next to them spraying diarrhea
into it and screaming. The bride then runs into the middle of a busy street and defecates all over the inside of her wedding gown. All of this is presumably supposed to be funny. For more examples of this type of filth, go rent any given Jewish comedy, or simply turn on the TV, because there are way too many to name here.
Vulgar Jewess Sarah Silverman has basically built a whole career on her various bodily functions. The following are the infantile lyrics from a song she sings called The Poop Song:
It was brown and it had raisins And we flushed it for that reason This is a poop song
This is a poop song
I was walking through the mall And I had to make a poop

This is a poop song This is a poop song
We pooped at the mall today We pooped at the mall

Another example of disgusting, fecal- laden lyrics comes from degenerate Jewish “Beat” poet Allen Ginsberg.
Ginsberg was an open pedophile and founding member of NAMBLA, which stands for the North American Man/Boy Love Association. His writings were made popular by his Jewish brethren in the media and
consist of the most depraved Jewish filth that one could ever imagine. I hesitate to even reprint anything that this abominable creature had to say but for the sake of getting the full story, I will quote one short passage.
This is from a poem that he wrote about his sick and dying mother (in which he at one point contemplates having sex with) called Kaddish:

“One night, sudden attack—her noise in the bathroom—like croaking up her soul—convulsions and red vomit coming out of her mouth—diarrhea water exploding from her behind—on all fours in front of the toilet—urine running between her legs—left retching on the tile floor smeared with her black feces—unfainted—“(7)


Israeli Jews over in occupied Palestine have made playing with their feces into somewhat of a natural pastime. Just look at this video where they pay one Israeli Jew to have another Jew take a dump on his head, while the rest of the degenerate Jews cheer them on. Pretty sickening stuff. Other favorite sports of the occupying Jews include driving around spraying feces at Palestinians and their homes with a giant fire hose and defecating all over the inside of Palestinian homes after they’ve invaded and ransacked them.

One Palestinian woman described the antics of the Israeli occupational army of cowards as thus:

“The smell was terrible. The food was everywhere. Very disgusting smell. They put shit in the sinks, shit everywhere. Our clothes were everywhere. The last time they invaded, it was easy. They broke everything and we fixed it. But this time, they put shit everywhere: in cupboards, on beds — my bed is full of shit.”

She goes on:

“A minute ago, Sabreen opened her clothing cupboard: there was a bowl of shit in it! They used our clothes for the toilet. They broke the door of the bathroom and brought it into our room. I don’t know why.”(8)

The Holohoax

Anyone with two brain cells to click together knows by now that the Holocaust is a complete fraud. All of the stories about it are completely made up, and they almost all include feces. One “survivor” described his experience in the camps like this:

“Filth was also tremendous. Filth. It was filthy. It was filthy even in the building where we lived. I mean, in the winter time. I mean, the toilet was…it was…it was ice. It was all ice. And then the feces and the urine all over, was overflowing…overflowing there.”(9)

Perhaps the most comical “Holocaust” story is the one by Irene Zisblatt, the infamous “defecating diamonds” hoaxer from top Jew propagandist Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-winning Last Days documentary. She claims to have preserved diamonds that her mother gave her by eating them daily and then defecating them out, presumably on the floor of the toilet house since there’s no way she could’ve retrieved them from the deep, wide-open

holes generally used for human waste. According to the story, she then proceeded to rummage through her feces on the floor of the toilet house with her bare hands to find the diamonds, and then ate them again without having washed them, all to repeat the process the next day for two years straight. What the hell kind of sick mind would come up with a story like that?
In another fictional tale from this demented liar, she explains being inside of a homicidal gas chamber in which the Jews were forced to wade around naked in their own bodily fluids. If they felt the need to go to the bathroom they had no choice but to “go where they stood” down their legs and on their feet.
Fecal freak Spielberg’s other Oscar-winning Holohoax propaganda filmSchindler’s List features a scene in which young kids hideout from the “evil Nazis” inside of a toilet—neck deep in urine and feces.
One Jewish author, Joseph E. Tenenbaum, actually wrote about Jews having sex while inside of a dung-filled toilet. Imagine for a second crawling inside of a toilet, and then having sex with someone. These people are disgusting beyond belief.
On page 145 of In Search of a Lost People: The Old and the New Poland he writes:

“I heard harrowing stories of these latrines of Birkenau, of how the children hid for hours in the foulness, to escape gassing, how love went on in these places and sexes mated in the dung under the threat of instantaneous death when discovered; how business thrived and gossip thrilled in these latrines. If you lost your footing in the heat of passion, you could drown!!” [emphasis added](10)


The Jewish pseudo-science of psychoanalysis is also loaded with fecal- minded personalities. The coke-sniffing Jew who invented it, Sigmund Freud, was himself borderline obsessed with bathroom behavior and described the second stage of his thoroughly disturbing “psychosexual development” theory as the “anal stage,” in which, around the age of two, pleasurable sensations become centered on the anus, and children become

fascinated by their own feces. This is the stage of life where “anal personalities” could develop, he claimed.
The first of his “psychosexual development” stages is the “oral stag,e” and the third is the “phallic stage,” by the way—just to give you an idea of how sick the man was.
The Jew Dr. Mortimer Ostow, in his book “Myth and Madness: The Psychodynamics of anti-Semitism,” theorizes that antisemitism is actually a son’s hatred toward his father (as a result of poor childhood potty training) being projected on to the Jews.(11)
A bizarre offshoot of psychology led by possible Jew Lloyd deMause calledPsychohistory takes the childhood toilet trauma a step further and asserts that both the so-called Holocaust and WWII were natural outcomes of incredibly sadistic behavior practiced on infants by the average German mother.
Here are a few passages from an over-the-top, anti-German hate fantasy written by deMause:

“A visitor from England described the German baby as “a piteous object; it is pinioned and bound up like a mummy in yards of bandages…it is never bathed…Its head is never touched with soap and water until it is eight or ten months old.” Their feces and urine was so regularly left on their bodies that they were covered with lice and other vermin attracted to their excreta, and since the swaddling bandages were very tight and covered their arms as well as their bodies, they could not prevent the vermin from drinking their blood. Their parents considered them so disgusting they called them “filthy lice-covered babies,” and often put them, swaddled, in a bag, which they hung on the wall or on a tree while the mothers did other tasks.The fear of being poisoned by lice was daily embedded in the fearful alter of the baby . . . ”

The sub-human then proceeds to project his German shit-baby theory onto the so-called mistreatment of Jews by the Third Reich:

“Jews were rounded up and made into “Bad Selves”—shit-babies— putting them into overcrowded death camps and telling them: “You’ll be eaten by lice, you’ll rot in your own shit…All are going to die.” Jews were called “pestiferous bacillus carriers,” made to live like lice-covered babies, forced to lie in barracks like they themselves were forced to live in their swaddling bands, “awash with urine and feces, forced to eat their own feces, and finally dying in showers covered with their excrement.” Repeating their parents’ curses at them as shit-babies, their guards told them “You’ll be eaten by lice; you’ll rot in your own shit, you filthy shitface.” As they killed Jews, guards told them what they imagined their mothers felt as they killed their newborn siblings: “Because you’re dirty you have to die.” They were all Bad Shit- Babies. They had to die. If they were not killed, Nazis said they would “gobble up the breast of Germany!”(12)

The Jewish journalist Michael Lewis also wrote extensively about the supposed fecal obsession of the Germans. In an article entitled “It’s the Economy, Dummkopf!” in the September 2011 edition of Vanity Fair he goes on a long-winded, fecal-filled rant, making outrageous claims such as the following:

“After the war, Hitler’s doctors told U.S. intelligence officers that their patient had devoted surprising energy to examining his own feces, and there was pretty strong evidence that one of his favorite things to do with women was to have them poop on him.”


“Naked women fought in a metaphorical ring of filth while the spectators wore plastic caps, a sort of head condom, to avoid being splattered. “Thus,” wrote Dundes, “the audience can remain clean while enjoying dirt!” Germans longed to be near the shit, but not in it.”(13)

That is just a few examples of the type of world that we live in today, where it’s perfectly acceptable to go on hate-filled rants generalizing all Germans as inherently evil people, yet a mere mention of a Jewish crime or shortcoming will have you branded as a “hater”, “nazi”, “bigot”, “racist”, and “antisemite”.

Well some of us aren’t afraid of these labels, and in fact, we wear them as badges of honor.

Allen Ginsberg was a respected writer and did not offer a concrete reasoning for his temporary membership at NAMbLA.
Pin worthy thread. Jews are full of shit.
Jews are grotesque. that's why they always hated the Germans.
Jews are grotesque. that's why they always hated the Germans.
They target them in particular for many reasons, jealousy and fear being some of them. But Germans are also easy targets, because many Germans have obedient personalities, which can be easily exploited by Jews.
... women most affected tbh
Interesting stuff, only on here can we get a scatological analysis of the jews
Mods, pin it, pin it, pin it
same with indians
The indian fanaticism for Israel now makes sense
Ngl, I read this thread while taking a dump jfl.

I hope that Musk and other joo-lovers gets a visit from the Shower Rangers.
Nice Shitpost bro
IMG 2056
IMG 2064

We will laser you from orbit
Yeah agree

we truly are spiritual curries. Brutal
Genesis 12:2-3

2 "My heart’s desire is to make you into a great nation, to bless you,

to make your name great so that you may be a blessing.

3 My desire is to bless those who bless you,

but whoever curses you I will curse,

and in you all the families of the earth will be blessed"

So all those who curse the Jews shall be cursed
This is what happens when you inbred for many generations and you create a victim complex to the point of absolute paranoia. You may have genius IQs but you have inherent mental health issues. And they say jews are better than europeans. Shish!
j00z are the seed of satan and are liers just like their father is, and Jesus is right about them, just like many people that wanted them out of their countries.
Genesis 12:2-3

2 "My heart’s desire is to make you into a great nation, to bless you,

to make your name great so that you may be a blessing.

3 My desire is to bless those who bless you,

but whoever curses you I will curse,

and in you all the families of the earth will be blessed"

So all those who curse the Jews shall be cursed

The j00z aren't the judeans from the bible, they are a mix of edomite, Khazar, Cannnanite, arab and other bloods.

They are raced mixed muts, most of them are full arabs in blood.
The j00z aren't the judeans from the bible, they are a mix of edomite, Khazar, Cannnanite, arab and other bloods.

They are raced mixed muts, most of them are full arabs in blood.
Ok dude
They scream at me while I'm taking a shit, not even joking about this. PM if you want more info
I knew some Jews who sold manure to farms
bookmarked, more to add to my joo folder

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