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JFL Japan: Man Arrested for Hitting His Wife with a Banana Peel



May 24, 2022

Japan: Brutish Monster Arrested for Hitting His Wife with a Banana Peel​

Snake Baker May 24, 2024

I wish we had Japan’s crime problems.
Japan Today:
Police in Kurate, Fukuoka Prefecture, have arrested a 59-year-old man on suspicion of assaulting his 62-year-old wife by hitting her on the head with a banana peel.
Police said the man has admitted hitting his wife with the banana peel and quoted him as saying, “Can you really call that domestic violence? That level of violence is common among married couples, isn’t it? I got angry when she talked back to me.”
A police officer said he told the man: “No matter what the object is, hitting someone with it is assault. Even if it’s a husband and wife, assault is assault.”
Well, that is obviously false.
“Domestic assault” is like “spousal rape.” It’s a legal impossibility, based on natural law.
The incident occurred at around 8:30 p.m. on May 17, TV Asahi reported. The man’s wife called 110 and said her husband is an alcoholic who was verbally abusing her and hit her on the head with a banana peel.
The man had been drinking and tried to complain about his neighbor’s car being parked on his property, but his wife said that when she stopped him, he became angry.
I would have become angry too if my wife tried to stop me from doing something.
But I’d hit her with something a lot harder than a banana peel.

Bananas are more dangerous than most people think
Over for banana themecels
never knew banana peel is fatal
CEO of fast banana viral marketing
Leaked footage of the assault:
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Banana assault
Would slip her my banana
Reasonable, being touched by a yellow phallic object is the last thing any Asian woman wants.

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