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Blackpill It's time to rebuild the patriarchy A CALL TO BATTLE



Jul 5, 2021
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This is a manifestation

1. Men are superior to women.

- Men are stronger than women. Physically and mentally. Women lack
muscles and the ability to think logically. It means that men are meant to
rule this world and women are meant to be their servants. Equality between
the sexes means the same as if there were equality between men and animals.
Women have tried to move towards equality for several decades now and there
is not even one single proof that the world would have become a better
place because of that. Women are supposed to get pregnant, to give birth
and to please their men.

View: https://youtu.be/bIXAEf3XtAE?si=IKaiM1ZajjxKPAR7

2. Women are not sacred

- When a woman loses her virginity, the construction of her body is
changed forever. That is because a husband must know that his wife hasn't
had men inside her before him. The equation is clear: if a woman has lost
her virginity to anyone else than her husband, she becomes a whore.
Despite of this fact, it's still unreasonable to think that men should not
have sex before they get married. Men are meant to fertilize as many egg
cells as possible during their lives and in this system the woman is just a
shell, which protects the egg cell from any damage.

3. A man must not lose his honour

- Because it is expected that men run this world and are responsible for
everything that happens, all men must also prove that they are qualified to
carry this responsibility on their shoulders. The easiest way for a man to
do this is to take care that his wife is not a whore. It starts by finding
out that his wife is really a virgin when the man penetrates her for the
first time after the wedding. Because men still have their physical needs,
they must be allowed to have sex with whores before they get married.
However, if a man still chooses to have sex with his forthcoming wife
before the wedding, he is taking a clear risk, and it requires that he must
keep good eye on his woman so he can be sure that she won't become a whore.
Naturally this procedure must go on during the whole marriage too. If a
man chooses not to get married at all, he must prove his qualification by
supporting patriarchal, chauvinist and even misogynist values.

4. Never trust a woman

- There can not be such thing as deep friendship between a man and a
woman. Solidarity is not possible between the sexes in a way that it is
between men or even between women. This is why a man should never do
business with a woman associate, nor should he never hire a woman to work
for him if the job requires any responsibility whatsoever. The feminist
movement proves us that women are uniting on an international conspiracy
against the male gender and if it can not be stopped, the results are
probably catastrophic. In order to stop this, men must always question
everything that women do, say, promise or plan. Women are selfish beings
and are only interested in their own benefit. If a woman says something,
probably at least 30-40 % of it are lies.

5. Men are not monogamous (facts and aims)

- If a man finds out that his woman does not match the standards he has
set for her, he has a right to leave her and get himself another woman. In
this case the woman that is left becomes a whore, so it is obvious that
women do not have this same right. If the separating couple have children
together, the man is expected to decide which one of them will have the

6. Violence means power and control

- Men have been given more physical strength than women so that men
could use violence, or the threat of violence to control all women,
including their own wives. A correct way to remind a wife of the standards
she should match, is to use violence to punish her. Also a correct way to
remind a feminist of the natural world order is to use rape to make her get
back in line. Sex and rape are strong weapons in a gender war, and also
very powerful tools for men to get back in control. By using violence and
making the women fear him, a man can also be sure that he will stay in
control and retain the power he has in the society and in his relationship.
So it is advisable that all men would rape the whores and use violence to
discipline their wives.

7. Men are equal with each other

In order to have the power in their hands, it's necessary that all men
will fight together in one front against the force of feminism and women in
general. However this doesn't mean men can't have there own ethniostates and there shall be no requirements for there to be equality of outcome for men

If men have disagreements with each other they can solve them by
a fair discussion or by having a fair fight. Also there can come up
racial, religious, financial or social matters that can put two men in an
unequal position with each other, but we should always remember that as
representatives of the male gender they will still stay equal. Being a man
is more than politics. It is a gift from a higher power above us and we
should always be thankful of that. Respecting other men and their menhood
means that you also respect yourself and accept yourself as a man.

Now give me 50 pushup FAGGOTS
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Based post- we need to print this out on flyers & distribute it everywhere we possibly can.
Retard there is no such thing as brotherhood in nature and equality among men

According to evolution men were born to compete with each other so as to have a hierarchy so that the one on the top of the hierarchy could get all the foid to himself
Retard there is no such thing as brotherhood in nature and equality among men
We don't live in natural times haven't been since the agriculture ages

The civilization you live in Is a man made one the patriarchy

According to evolution men were born to compete with each other
Absolutely but all men even in the past did agree on one thing the total subjugation of femoids

so as to have a hierarchy so that the one on the top of the hierarchy could get all the foid to himsel
This make zero sense in the modern context
Chad don't keep this beckys I'm a haram not is rich and wealthy political power men with multiple wifes /gf or multiple ofsprings

All this does is have pointless arguments between men

We can have rivalry between men in terms of who is more economically productive and who runs businesses better but we can also agree to not betray another men for pussy but you don't be getting any that way
We need to put these foids in there place in society. Fuck all these treeshes they will get what they deserve one day.
Nice post and all but many don't make decisions (like of political support) without the complete picture in these modern enlightened times. If I need to buy something be that a new graphics card or an electricity provider or a rifle I go to a price comparison site and sort the suppliers according to price/good. I cannot see that feminism <-> patriarchy is a complete picture as there are alternate ideologies like masculinism proposed as the counter to feminism as well as genuine enforced equality in the middle.

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