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Is money a good cope?

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Dec 9, 2017
I get that I won't get sex even if i'm rich (unless mail-order bride), but I still want to know if having money is good cope? Additionally to the richcels out there how did you make your money and do you have any tips for a fellow incel?
if you're socially awkward freak you're not getting rich-- unless you're a 1 in billion game developer that makes it
Money is one of the best copes out there, but it's still just that: cope.
I saved up for a couple of months and I have 10k in the bank. Now what? Nothing. There's nothing I want to do with it. I won't enjoy anything I spend this money on. I don't WANT anything.

Maybe if you are a millionaire you can have some fun with your money. Buy a football stadium or name a street after yourself. Buy a trophy wife. Donate to pro-life organizations or something else that normies hate. But if you have average income? You may as well have no income at all if you're incel. Most people work to live. If you have no life, what's the point?
Money won't help you. Unless you are really rich, then you could get some gold digger and a good form of a social life. There's no easy road to being that rich though. I suggest just getting a good job and you can try to find a wife because I assume you aren't sub-human.
Not many options for getting rich for incels. Famous musician, youtuber, are potential ways to get rich, not likely for anyone let alone an incel though. Acting/modeling/athletics are out for incels, too. Management, business, and finance mainly reward chads and stacies that give good powerpoints and can be good sales people. Grinding away in accounting is not worth it. STEMceling is the first decent option, engineering is a profession that at least somewhat rewards high iq critical thinkers, although to get "rich" in this area, you have to climb the corporate ladder which stacies and chads do better at. Grad school then phd in hard sciences/computer science is a huge gamble. You might be able to patent a process through your research and get rich off the royalties, but more likely you'll be stuck in a shitty post doc position making 20k a year working long hours with people you hate. Law school is a scam unless you get in the top 20 (i.e. You've got connections). Med school is probably the most direct path to making a guaranteed >300,000 dollars a year, which I would qualify as rich. This mostly hinges on iq and discipline, and looks probably play the smallest relative roll with regards to salary. However the insane debt, insane hours, and long years of training make it mostly not worth it, and looks still play a large part in getting into top tier med schools, residencies, and private groups for employment. Basically, unless you are exceptionally talented, attractive, or dedicated, you're fucked.
Scandinaviancel said:
I get that I won't get sex even if i'm rich (unless mail-order bride), but I still want to know if having money is good cope? Additionally to the richcels out there how did you make your money and do you have any tips for a fellow incel?

Money is the best cope.

Women are attracted to men that can get other women.
Money = other women are always after you.

Seeing this, other women are also attracted to you, not because of the money, but because other women are attracted to you. ad infinitum.
White + money + travel = sex
Money + ethnic + escorts = sex

So besides being able to do anything you wish, yes money is a hell of a good cope.
Yes. Then you can become a NEET god.
So long as you are not wageslaving, I imagine it could be a good cope. While it won't make you content, it will at the very least give you the illusion of being a valued member of society.

Keep in mind that most people who manage to make lots of money have the ability to sell themselves and a product, meaning that if you have no social skills, you're going to have a bad time.
Money is an excellent cope if you make the top 10 percent. Only way to compensate for subhuman looks is to mog with lavish lifestyle.
It is. I am running out though. I will spend until I only have enough for a rope.
As a poorcel, I have always maintained it is better to be a richcel.

I'd rather LDAR with steak dinners than LDAR with potato snacks.
tbh, i wouldnt say im rich but im "well off" for my age. I wont deny having a bit of money saved in the bank certainly makes life easier, but its just that. You can spend a little more than an average joe at say like a pub, or if u wanna buy yourself something nice, but thats it. I know that alot of people say that the people who have money always say that money doesnt make you happy, but it really is true.

Unless you are at like LEAST HALF A million in bank, money will always ust be numbers in a bank.
Money is the ultimate cope

Can't buy happyness, but everything else is for sale.
When I workceled for a year, I was easily able to save a third of my income. I had delusions of saving up a few hundred grand so I could retire early. Sadly, I am too much of an asocial misanthrope to get a decent paying job. I might be lucky and get an inheritance from a family friend, but I can't bank on that. Only Basic Income could save me now from a lifetime of NEETbux appointments and looking for jobs that I cannot tolerate.
Working is a suicide fuel and no money is worth it but if I won a lottery for 100 million $ I could be happily coping for the rest of my life. Do a chin surgery to know that I at least don't look like a subhuman from my profile and then fuck 18-22 escorts till I would fucking die. I'm white so maybe I would even find a cute asian gold-digger.
Money is a good cope with one big problem.

If you want to have lots of money you need to work so much and long hours. What good is all the money if you have almost no free time to spend it on anything?
Fuck I hate being poorcel

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