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Welcome! This is a forum for involuntary celibates: people who lack a significant other. Are you lonely and wish you had someone in your life? You're not alone! Join our forum and talk to people just like you.

Introduction to Incels

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Introduction to Incels

What does incel mean?

Incel means involuntary celibate, a person who wants to be in a loving relationship but is unable to find a partner despite his best effort. Incels want to be loved and give love back. Being "incel" is a state of being, not an identity. It is not a movement, ideology, or behavior, and there is nothing political about it.

Am I an incel?
If you find yourself wanting to be in a loving relationship but unable to find a partner despite a long duration of trying, you are.

What do Incels believe?
One does not need to share any particular belief at all to be incel. Incels can be liberal or conservative. They can be feminists or MRAs. Many who seek to attack incels wish to smear all incels by trying to associate us with fringe ideologies. Just like Muslims, who suffered similar broad slurs in the early 21th century, we would ask that you consider us as individual people, because that is what we are, each with our own life history and perspective.

What is the Bluepill?
The Bluepill is comprised of the rosy lies unattractive men are told as children to make them feel better. Men are told, "Looks don't matter for men. Women want a confident guy who works hard and shows respect. If you can do that, the women will come to you!" Many of us wish the Bluepill was true. Unfortunately, the Bluepill is not currently born out by science or reality.

What is the Redpill?
The Redpill proposes that if you know the actual factors that lead to male sexual/dating success, through targeted self improvement (like weight lifting) and psychological manipulation (PUA routines) a man can maximize his success. It focuses primarily only on factors a man can change about himself.

What is the Blackpill?
The Blackpill is a comprehensive, science-based perspective on what matters most in male-female sexual/relationship dynamics. It attempts to describe the objective truth about what men and women truly value most, even when it is not polite to discuss publicly.

Are incels virgins?
Most incels are virgins, but not necessarily all. For example, a man could date one girl and lose his virginity, but then fail to find a second partner later despite many years of trying. In that condition, he would have become incel. Another example would be a man who has slept with a prostitute. While he would not be a virgin anymore, he still would have never experienced a truly consensual romantic relationship, and could still thus be deemed incel.

Can girls be incel?
It's debated, and the answer leans towards no in most situations. Many experiments have shown that even artificially generated women created to be as repulsive looking as possible can get dates from men in online dating. So it is difficult to conceive a reasonable circumstance where a woman would truly be incel, unless it is just due to her high standards. Ultimately, however, every person decides if they are incel.

But unattractive men can get girlfriends!
The Blackpill looks at a man's likelihood for romantic success along every dimension: race, height, age, face, build, money, mental health, disabilities, and more. Certain "unattractive" features can be more harmful than others or compensated for in different ways. The Blackpill can help an unattractive man find his best pathway to success, if any exists. However, if a man has fallen short in every category of life, it is unlikely he will find a way to succeed. One must always look at the total picture.

What is this forum for?
Inceldom, the state of wanting a relationship without being able to find one, is linked to numerous mental health conditions such as depression and suicidal tendencies. Many incels feel isolated and have no one they can talk honestly to. This forum provides a safe place for incels to talk to others who are going through the same challenges. It lets people vent their frustrations, make friends, joke around, try to understand life, get support, figure out how to best cope with their problems, and maybe even find ways to solve them.

Why is the language on the forum so offensive?
We currently have a paradox in a society where "racism" or "sexism" is not okay in what we write, but perfectly acceptable in dating or even job hiring, where race and gender can determine whether someone gets a date or even a job. This is hypocrisy. If incels must be subjected to racism and sexism in their daily lives, many figure they may as well embrace that in their online vernacular as well. For example, incels use terms like "currycels" and "ricecels" to playful draw attention to the very real challenges these minorities face. This is part of our group sense of humor and is welcomed by regular posters who are very diverse.

Do incels hate women?
Incels again are not a homogeneous group. Most incels express that the thing they would love most would be a loving, caring, stable relationship with a woman who loves them back. Many speak fondly about what this would mean to them. Some are frustrated and angry they cannot achieve this, and they voice this verbally. Some blame women for their own "sub-humanity". Others blame the genetic lottery for making them that way. There is no one perspective unifying incels in terms of how women are viewed.

Are incels "mass murderers"?
No mass murderers have been associated with our site and the site does not condone actions of those who have committed such crimes. The forum strives to maintain a peaceful place for incels to speak as freely as US Free Speech Laws allow. We do not regulate what users should or shouldn't feel (i.e., thought crime), as long as their comments remain within the limits of the law.

Thousands of men across the world who are not incels go on murderous rampages every day. Most of the biggest serial killers and mass murderers in history have been sexually successful men (e.g., Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer). There is therefore no convincing evidence that incel men pose any greater threat to the public than any other group of men. In fact, incel men are probably more likely to hurt themselves than anyone else, as suicide is a very common topic among incels.

Perhaps if the media and public took a greater interest in the reasons men are becoming incel or ways to help men, rather than trying to demonize and attack these lonely and sad people, some productive good could actually be done.

Is inceldom is a real, valid concern?
Yes. Male celibacy is rising disproportionately in modern civilization. In the USA, young unmarried men are now 28% celibate which has almost tripled in the past 10 years. Celibacy and increasing isolation between the genders will pose problems for both genders and the stability of society. Japan's society is beginning to destabilize as now among the young & unmarried, 42% of men and 44% of women are virgins. Without relationships, mental health suffers, childbirths drop, and men drop out of society altogether.

What can be done about inceldom?
There are no easy solutions to the challenges facing our society. Incels have no consensus on solutions. But most tend to agree that a social shift towards a society that treats serious long-term monogamous relationships as a worthy and noble goal would be a start, rather than the "pump-and-dump" dynamic being facilitated by dating apps like Tinder, which benefits the top men and leaves most men completely out with no opportunities at all.

What next?
Here's a short YouTube compilation of academics discussing incel-related issues if you're interested.

If you prefer reading, visit the Scientific Blackpill page at the Wiki, which summarizes comprehensively most of the critical studies which compose the Blackpill.
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