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Serious Inceldom has nothing to do with looks

Op is right the lookist mirage is actually very useful to this soyciety and foids because it distracts from the real problem.
Holy COPE. Explain why chads have zero trouble fucking any foid they want?
Even Chad nowadays gets screwed over in the long run just look at Johny Depp or Chad Pitt. You guys can't synthesize for shit and think inceldom is only about some 18-20 year old roasties fucking frat boys instead of you, but it's way bigger than that
Before you chimpout at me for saying this, consider this - is the average man so ugly that he shouldn't even have a partner? Why are most incels, even on "hardcore" forums like this one, are average looking? Is the average man so "ugly"that 50% something young men are virgin or otherwise struggling?

Those who truly deviate from the norms of the average man, that is to say, 5'1 or 6'4, are very rare and basically statistically irrelevant.

All of this reinforces my point, not deny it.

There, i said it. Inceldom is a issue that will be present on the mass scale no matter how tall the average man is, how good looking he is. Why, Nordic countries, despite having the highest average height in the world and the fact that their features are seen as attractive, have along the highest living standards in the world, have to import so many SEA wives? Logically speaking, they should be having no issues.

The idea that increasing the average attractiveness of the men in a society, is bunch of garbage. Having attractive men works for racemixing with foids of other tribes, but in the next generations, it will bounce back towards the current norm, as women and men become more mixed and closer to the native SMV, and we are back at square one.

So what is the long term solution to the incel problem, that would work regardless of society and cultural norms? TAKE AWAY WOMEN RIGHTS!

Women rights is the elephant in the room. If you played the old Mario 64, there were locked doors in which you had to earn keys to open; which requires you to win at levels. But that is the key here, in real life, "levels" are steps towards taking women rights away, and nothing can bypass it. The stupid boomer politicians can continue being ostriches burying their head in the sand in face of danger, but this is ineffective against predators, and as such, the "ostriches" (politicians) will eventually give in to the predators (incels).
main ways you can be incel is if your super fucking short, super fucking autistic, and last but not least ugly
Autistic men are being discriminated in society and a lot of incels are more likely to be autists. Only 5% of autistic
men find romance. 40% of average men apparently find romance. We are living in a form of nazi Germany that
we haven't seen before. The scholars and mainstream writers are very careful when it comes to the science behind
who creates connections and who can't.

Essentially society is built for certain people and the rest don't have a chance. I know a guy with down syndrome who
gets treated like a non-human by foids and those a like. Sort of like a lizard man. I am the only person who talks
to him while every Stacey looks down on him like a animal.
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Cope. You and also me are only in this forum because we are ugly. People with normal looks have better things to do than rotting in this forum
Us averagecels should create our own forum, free of blacks and Jews
This doesn't apply to me, but true. Inceldom is commonplace nowadays, it's just standards have gotten higher and higher even though average man didn't get uglier

I think there's two types of incels, timeless incels and regular incel. I'm a timeless incel, I'd be incel in any time period so I don't really care about putting foids in their place, has no benefits to me (as selfish as this sounds, I just want to be honest)
I never realy thought about the idea of timeless incels but that's just so natural to think about. Even with different cultures across the world that changes over years there is still the same archetype of what's undesirable to pass on genetic-wise
So what is the long term solution to the incel problem, that would work regardless of society and cultural norms? TAKE AWAY WOMEN RIGHTS!
If you're not extremely short (under 5'7 unfrauded) or extremely ugly (no major deformities, not having the "subhuman" package or a weird /heavily stigmatized phenotype), not balding and not south asian you should at least be able to pull a LTB. If not then non-NT
It's over for me then, I am Giga-Non-NT along with manlet height and sub-3 looks

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