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Story Incel limo driver is teased by Stacy escorts



Apr 22, 2021
I write fictional erotic stories for literotica. This is the second chapter to the story I began in this thread:


An hour later Kayla found herself seated in the backseat of a black Cadillac Escalade, the official Playtime Companions transportation. Heidi Hoffman had spent the hour perfecting Kayla’s wardrobe and makeup and she was ready for the ride to the Mandalay Bay.

She noticed the driver looking back at her through his rear view mirror.

“Hey Julio! How ya doin!” she chirped in a sing-song tone as she waved her fingers at him with her mouth open, flashing him her perfect pearly white teeth through her impeccably applied lipstick.

Julio. Standing at 5 feet, 7 inches, Julio was Dennis Hoffman’s personal chauffeur. An illegal Mexican immigrant turned loyal man servant, the 42 year old Julio was ever grateful to Dennis for keeping him employed and providing him a living. His job was simple. Drive the girls to their dates. Wait outside. Drive them back. He was punctual, dependable and fiercely loyal to his boss Mr. Hoffman.

Dennis on the other hand took special pleasure in keeping the poor spic at just barely above minimum wage. He knew that lacking proper documentation, Julio had nowhere else to go. Reducing the hard working Julio to the status of little more than an indentured slave while receiving complete gratitude from him in return was just one more way Dennis got his dominant male fix.

And just for fun, he made sure Julio had the worst case of unsatisfied blue balls! Julio was under strict instructions from Dennis he could not touch any of the girls. He could feast his eyes all he wanted, but hands were off limits.

The girls of Playtime Companions of course knew that and had a ball teasing and taunting poor Julio on the way to their dates. Julio remembered each drive in vivid detail.

Christy often pretended to “fix her makeup” only to make mock kissing faces at Julio from the back seat while teasingly asking him “if her lipstick looked ok”.

Lexi had “accidentally” flashed Julio her tits while giggling about how much of a klutz she was.

Brooklyn would often “complain” to Julio about how her boobies feel extra full that evening and that her tops were too tight, while wondering out loud if she’s “showing too much cleavage” and sweetly asking Julio if he could perhaps “take her bra shopping someday”.

Bella would simply kick her feet up and rest her slender legs and heels on Julio’s shoulders as he drove while laughing on the phone with her girlfriends about how her “cute driver” is “such a good little footrest”.

Each Playtime Companions girl had their own unique ways of torturing poor Julio as he dutifully drove them around to various mansions and 5-star hotels. Needless to say Julio spent most of his drive time looking through the rear view mirror, position adjusted to focus exclusively on the back seat!

And then there was Stacy. The worst of all cockteases. Stacy, the leggy Eastern European brunette former lingerie model. With her long flowing brown hair, light green cat eyes and a dazzling smile to match, Stacy was once voted the most facially attractive supermodel in Ukraine. Standing at 5’8” and a slim supermodel build, she had captured the attention of one Dennis Hoffman who had pulled every stop to get her out of Ukraine, fly her to Vegas and sign her to an exclusive Playtime Companions contract.

Now the most expensive escort on the Playtime roster, Stacy was available exclusively for gangbangs. Dennis knew full well the appeal of a former top supermodel, one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram, and let’s be honest, one of the most jacked off to women in the world, being made available for anything goes gangbang parties. Providing men of means the opportunity to dominate and degrade this top level beauty whose social media feed they’ve jerked off over countless times and charging them a sizeable premium for the privilege was exactly the kind of service offering that would take an already established brand like Playtime Companions to the next level in the sex industry. Dennis Hoffman made sure the website specifically highlighted Stacy’s previous lingerie modeling career as her key selling point, with the final sales pitch of “gang fuck this stuck up supermodel tonight!”).

Make no mistake, Stacy knew exactly how gorgeous she was and exactly how much she was worth. And she loved being extra cruel to poor Julio! The thrill she got from the status difference between them; herself a former lingerie supermodel, now the highest earning escort at Playtime Companions, and this beaner wage slave was simply too much for her to ignore! She often simply clapped her hands twice upon getting into the car and yelled “chop! chop!” at Julio like he was a lowly servant.

Her worst cruel tease to Julio however was when she had once stripped off her thong from under her micro mini skirt while he was driving her through rush hour traffic on the Interstate for a last minute bachelor party appointment. She had proceeded to spread out her impossibly long legs and pretty much full on masturbated in the back seat, saying she needed “a quick little warm up before this bachelor party” and how she’s getting ready to “be their easy slut” and that “rich men need quick access to her wet cunny”. She had gone out of her way to display all of her hot shaved supermodel snatch at Julio through his rear view mirror, making sure his eyes were fixated on her tight pink labia and glistening, wet pussy; she moaned loudly and cummed extra sexy that day channeling her best solo porn performance right there in the backseat with zero regard for Julio’s concentration who was driving her through high speed traffic! Julio had an especially tough time focusing on the road ahead that day!

Despite the insane deliberate distraction by this supermodel bitch, Julio made sure Stacy reached her destination safely. When Julio dutifully opened the door for the stuck up beauty, instead of thanking him for basically keeping her alive on the drive over, Stacy irreverently yanked his chauffeur cap off his head, claiming she could use it for her bachelor party roleplay. She then proceeded to drape her own wet thong on Julio’s exposed balding head, her pussy juices still warm on it while patting him on the head saying “have fun with these perro!” With a wink and a final flash of her pussy, she sauntered off into the hotel lobby, leaving Julio humiliated and aroused, a wet thong on his head, wafting in the fertile pussy smell of a girl ten leagues above anything he could ever dream of.

And if the drives to the dates were bad enough for Julio, the drives back were worse! Glowing of sex with either smudged makeup, dried semen or wet newly showered hair, each freshly fucked girl would go on to regale Julio with detailed raunchy tales of the date they just had. About how they had played a private porn star to some millionaire, or how they had been a personal blowjob dispenser to some Wall Street guy as he took his afternoon calls, or how some married man had saved up for months from his 9 to 5 to enjoy one night with a Playtime girl and away from his nagging wife, or how much they enjoyed being stretched out by an NBA player’s big black cock. And just to rub extra salt in the wound, each girl would playfully count out their stacks of $100 bill tips from their dates right there in the car in full view of the poor minimum wage earning Julio!

Some girls would appreciate what a nice guy Julio was and that he was “such a good friend”. Some would tell him how sweet and harmless he is and how they saw him as their protective Latino big brother. Stacy would even tell him how adorable he is for “waiting outside her gangbang party like a good boy” and make smooching sounds at him as if he was her personal pet dog.

However the one thing all the girls had in common is that they were all fully aware of how teased and frustrated poor Julio was. They knew how cruel and teasing they were to him on each of their drives and how each of them were leagues above any girl Julio could even dream of. For their own personal amusement, they’d each ask him to rate them on how hot he thought they were and they’d all get a sadistic thrill from sweetly turning him down with batted eyelashes. Laughing at his obvious erection, they would often soothe his discomfort by assuring him that they are sure he would one day fall in love with “a sweet girl who appreciates him for who he is”!

For poor Julio however, his daily chauffeur job for an elite escort agency like Playtime Companions would give him more than enough memories for a given day’s spank bank. Stiff and horny after a full day’s work, he couldn’t wait to rush home to his low income studio apartment and relieve himself of the all-day torture by wanking his dick raw every night. The Playtime Companions official website was the only jerkoff material he ever used. It’s all he ever needed. After all it was the closest he ever got to fucking any of these cockteases that he drove around on a daily basis! Drooling over the images of the sexy beauties he got to drive around in real life on a daily basis while replaying in his mind the sexy sights, the seductive voices and the tantalizing stories he’d heard from each girl, topped with the disingenuous cruelty wrapped in sugar-coated flirty smiles he’d experienced from them all day would take him over the edge better than any porn site!
Not a single lettER
Kill yourself.
Read both stories. The spic in this one needs to get revenge and overthrow Dennis
I write fictional erotic stories for literotica
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never write again bro this shit is cringe as fuck

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