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I’m so tired of inceldom being invalided and not taken seriously

Clavicus Vile

Clavicus Vile

I sold your soul for a daedric fleshlight
Jan 14, 2024
It’s so tiring and frustrating, nothing is ever going to make them take us seriously, not even culling some of them here and there. That just makes them double down on making fun of the problem.

I truly believe the only way inceldom would ever gets taken seriously is if there was actually a massive large scale male uprising, an unmeasurable amount of blood would have to be spilled for this cause, it’s the only way. Peaceful male body positivity movements would never work, nobody would ever care, it’d just be laughed at.

Nothing is ever going to change, nothing is ever going to make you loved, nothing will make people see you as anything other than an ugly loser because of how you were born. What we lack in respect would have to be gained in fear and control, humanity is simply a species that truly only understands one thing, violence and domination.
''its al in your head''

'' go outside''

''change your mindset'

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