I'm legit.... thinking about converting to Islam. Like for real



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May 19, 2018
27d 22h 47m
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Funny edge lord meme vid aside.

So I was talking to a muslim dude right? He said the.... fuck I forget the name of the Islamic leader dude at his mosque but whatever, the muslim pastor priest whatever dude actually HELPED this dude get a gf/engaged to be wife. Dude is only 19 and they were concerned about him not having a woman because he was "getting pretty old" to not be ready to get married soon.

I'm like wtf? How did they do that? Like what did he do? He said they legit just had him go meet some single muslim girls n whatnot. They had him talk to them and so on. Mind you, this dude just looks like the sand version of a currycel man. Like .... a ... idk 4/10? I guess. Idk I'm not gay so it's hard to rate guys but I'm like wtf? For real? They'll help hook you up? He's like well yeah if you're muslim and there are single muslim girls around they basically encourage you to get married and have kids and so on. So they don't really like single men and women being just single. The girl/fiancé I guess/new potential wife of his. Idk what she looks like on her face but her body, she's not a fucking land whale I'll say that. Like holy shit man.

Too bad you still have to talk to girls, and you, unlike them, can't just hide your face. Idk how it would work out with me or anyone reading this but it seems worth looking into.

Pros. I get a gf
Cons. I gotta "pray" 5 times a day, and maybe I waste my time yet again and dont get a gf.

I tried this at a few churches in my area. They don't seem legit concerned at all with hooking people up. If anything. Churches here, christian communities seem more less wanting to keep you away from the girls. Yet also preach about how marriage is awesome. Maybe they were just keeping me in particular away from girls because they can smell the inceldom. But idk. I might have a chance with Islam.

If Islam doesn't work out. Anyone know of any other religions that are pushy to have people get married and have kids?
Islam at least teaches men to be men instead of cowards and doormats. I'll give it that.