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If you are pale white with light coloring it's not your fault youre incel



Nov 8, 2017
You could even be pretty decent looking but women just won't be attracted to you. You have to be REALLY goodlooking as a nerdic to succeed with women. If you thought you 'mogged' an ugly guy as a nerdic but he has a gf and you don't now you know why. 

Time to shed your preconceived notions and move on to the facts.

Blonde hair and pale skin just creates an amorphous blob of a face which dulls features and signals genetic unwellness. This is compounded by lacking THICK, DARK eyebrows, one of the most important components to male looks. Thin hair and acne also tend to be big problems. Women look good with this phenotype because they can create angles, brows and coloring with make up, nerdic males cannot. Also, darker skin hides imperfections like dark undereye circles, acne, moles etc. Nerdics usually have pale, patchy facial hair, which again lacks contrast, looks much worse than dense dark hair and adds to the overall cancer patient sickly vibe.

Not only does darker hair and tan/olive skin look better, its also being programmed into female's minds at a young age. 

All the Disney princes - Tall, Dark and Handsome

Teenage heartthrobs? Justin Beiber phenotype

Nerdics play the villains and ugly mongs in Hollywood

So if you are pale and white with thin blonde hair just know it was never meant to be and don't have children to put them through the same nerdic struggle you suffered through.

is cheetoskinning a cope?
coldmachinery said:

is cheetoskinning a cope?

Not if you are a pigmentcel - you need all the coloring you can get, just look at Trump in my AVI. 

He is redpilled on his Nerdic falio and is always wearing a ton of self tanner
I've started eating carrots every day trying to make myself look more human(probably pointless cope),I don't have blonde hair though,just pale as fuck.

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