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I would love to be able to steal physical traits by cannibalizing people



Nov 8, 2017
I wish those stupid tribes were right: eating your enemies would give you thir strong traits.

Eat some Chad, gain his wide frame, or his laterally orominent cheekbones, or his 2 meter height. Even if its not by eating them, just being able to steal physical traits from people I deem do not deserve them would be great.

Ending undeserved Chadliness while I benefit from it. Win-Win.

inb "you dont deserve it": Chad was not bullied and treated like a lesser being during all of his life like I was. I would target people who are lookist assholes.

DRUNKEN EDIT: Actually I would prefer them being alive. Robbing scum of their looks with them being alive to experience looks loss would be priceless and much better. People who had life handed on a silver plate since birth and were assholes about it deserve this.
I wouldn't be comfortable in other man's body. I want to look like myself but chadmaxed
gay_fag said:
I wouldn't be comfortable in other man's body. I want to look like myself but chadmaxed

Oh yra I meant that. I would like my Chadmaxxed version of myself. I meant stealing certain teaits. Like someone has higher height or wide cheekbonws, and you get that.
You can have my prominent cheekbones and wide frame and Ill take your jawline, nose, and eyes. Deal?
Reminds me of a anime I used watch .forgot the name
Zyros further perpetuating the gay vampire meme.
Why resort to cannibalism when you could just tear Chad's face off and use it as a mask? This isn't rocket science people.
Yeah, kinda like that dude in Prototype. I could just absorb some Chad and don his face/body.
T minus 10 to ER.
Dahmer was aesthetic, have you seen his jaw?
you dont need to steal any traits tho

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