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Venting I wish I had the social freedom attractive people have.

K1ng N0th1ng

K1ng N0th1ng

¡Hala Madrid!...y nada más.
Mar 8, 2024
That heightened sense of self-esteem, the ability to shout at people when they cross you, just being able to walk around in public without giving a fuck what you look like or if your posture is wrong or if you’re walking awkwardly.

I can’t even cope by ogremaxxing because I’m genetically predisposed to having a smaller frame, I was underweight for most of my life. Even after gymmaxxing my self-esteem has not improved at all. It seems like there’s nothing I can do to fix the insecurities I have.
Must be nice to be comfortable in your own body
First post here.

The idea of ever being anything but an unwanted loner subhuman is nothing short of inconceivable for me.
You can do this anyway, even if you're not attractive.
Yes but to no effect.

No one’s getting intimidated, it’d only aggravate them further.

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