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Serious i will NEVER try to hit on a FAT bitch!!!!



PSALM 137:8
Mar 20, 2018
despite being fully aware of how OVER it is, for some reason i cant bring myself to fully give up.

i still try to talk to bitches , including, but not limited to:
-UGLY bitches (i am ugly too, so dont care)
-ETHNIC bitches (i unironically like them better than mayowhores)
-mentally disabled borderline RETARDED bitches (i seriously tried this a few months ago)

but there is one type of bitch that i will NEVER give so much as a split SECOND of my time:

they are so fucking gross!!!!!

the humiliation of being rejected by the most disgusting creature on earth might just be enough to push me over the edge. i hate them so fucking much.
Not that they would be interested in me but I wouldn't want them either nor an ugly one... again, not that I'd have a chance...but I just can't be attracted to them
My logic is I'm not fat so why would I date a fat bitch absolutely repulsive to me I'm subhuman because my genes I can't change that but fat bitches can lose weight it's a choice not that I could get one anyways even they standards are up
Volcel if you wouldnt take a fat bitch, Were kind of on the bottom of the looks barrel,
We really dont get to choose, When it happens it happens if it happens.
They aré so stupid,like they aré born as a woman and having all that advantages in life,like fucking with who she wants and when she wants,having simps,etc,they yet can somehow spoil it by beign fat and disgusting,anyways they can still be fucked by Chad when he Is too horny to even care with who he Is fucking.
I mean you're not wrong. But the fat foids will probably still want nothing to do with you either
Juggernaut law is very real
There's like 10 other guys waiting to compliment the same fat fuck if you don't
My last whore was fat...

I hit that! Ofc, she wasn't free);;;
If you aren't fat yourself its only fair. Fuck all these faggots who say you're volcel for not wanting to suffer the indignity of being around a disgusting manatee jelly jiggler fat piece of shit.
I’d happily date a fat bitch as long as she wasn’t over 350 pounds and the face was somewhat attractive.

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