I wanna kill myself because of the pain im in

Nov 24, 2018
Well i recently turned 17 however my body is nothing close to the body a 17 year old should have. Firstly i have knee pain back pain two toes on my left foot hurt my right hip hurts also as im laying down typing this my knees are tingling. Its like i have the body of a 50 year old im not sure if its becaused i played video games alot since i was 7 also im very injury prone
Aug 13, 2018
No i wanna kill myself its not fair i was athletically gifted as a kid so what the fucks wrong with my body i still am athletic but cant do anything cause of the pains
Knees are so fragile as a kid. You've spend your childhood playing video games instead of running around. Tbh go see doctor and you have to move. Go for walks etc.
Jan 27, 2019
Slowly training your knee with careful sets of walking is surely a more beneficient method than using Oxycontin or roping yourself.

I mean dude you want to rope yourself over your knee? Not even foids will go as far as rejecting men over knee so why should you?
Jul 22, 2018
What are your parents like healthwise? Are you a one-off or do you come from a sickly family? How old do your relatives tend to live? How old were your parents when they had you?


Sep 5, 2018
Yeah I have a shitty body too, though I try to take care of it but there are still constant pains and shit...
You might have to go to the ER if it continues, don't kill yourself.
Dec 7, 2018
Knees are very fragile, did you had a major incident in your life that your body is that fragile?
Get bloodwork done. If any of your hormones are out of balance (they mostly likely are because we live in a unbelievably toxic environment) you may experience joint pain everywhere because your body may be unable to make the natural lubrication needed between joints.

If you have too low estrogen or too much estrogen (or other mineral/vitamin deficiencies)... all your joints may ache and make you feel like a 50 year old.

Becareful with doctors.. they'll be quick to give you pain meds (incentivized by $$) to cover up the problem but that's not going to fix shit.

Get bloodwork done OP.

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