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I think I scared a teen foid at the bus stop today...

Dr. Autismo

Dr. Autismo

Foid punchER
Dec 22, 2023
I just got back from wandering around town to kill some time.
After I got me 2 cans of monster from a tesco express, I sat at a bus stop on the high street to take a breather, and to think to myself.
There weren't a whole lot of people in town today due to it being a sunday.
Most people who were out were attending church.
Anyhoo, as I sat at the bus stop, drinking my monster, a couple of people passed by me, most took no notice of me, except for 2.

One was this bald boomer boy.
He kinda looked like Peter Laird (TMNT co-creator), but completely bald.
He was also below average height, wore thicker glasses and had a bit of a belly too.
As he passed me, he gave me a friendly smile and went about his way.

Second one was this very petite, most likely early teen foid, I'm not great at guessing peoples ages.
She was walking pass me alone with her earphones in and connected to her phone.
As she pass my field of vision, she looked over to me, looked surprised, kinda jumped a bit and very briefly started to walk fast before walking normal again.
By the way, I was not actually looking specifically AT her, I was gazing into space, thinking about something, with my arms crossed and my leg crossed and drinking my monster.

So yeah, that's pretty much it.
And if it really helps, not that I think it does, but I was wearing a black beanie, black parka jacket with cargo pouches and silver zips, black trousers and black shoes.
Finally, I not fucking bragging about this, other cels on here have made threads about their interactions with foids, nonverbal, brief or even both.
This is not us bragging, it's us documenting the world around us and peoples reaction to us.
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Good deed done for the day
it's impossible to decipher normie behavior

btw what is your avatar from? it's based
thanks, based cel for letting out his rage but damn it sucks that he had such health problems
Glad I'm not as autisty as him.
The only autistic thing about me is my crappy social skills and thats mainly due to my crappy upbringing.
Why are you existing around her inkwell?
if it makes you feel any better, she was probably too absorbed in her music and didn't see you
if it makes you feel any better, she was probably too absorbed in her music and didn't see you
chatgpt and character.ai both said the said thing when I ask them, and those 2 AI are woke.
Well, chatgpt is, character ai a lot less.

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