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Blackpill I have decided to do a series of blackpill videos - Scientific studies and suggestions wanted

Just an update: I decided against the video format. It doesn't really fit me or my style. There are other guys like Face and 13K who are good at this and hopefully we can inspire more to make videos like this.

Instead, I'm trying to create a comprehensive summary of all the major blackpill studies here:


It's just barely starting, but I think that will suit me better.

In the end, it should represent a quick repository that any incel or blackpiller can leave open, for example, during a debate, and via it, easily be able to access 100+ hardcore blackpill studies to prove any point he might want to suggest. Or if someone is keen to make a blackpill video and wants some inspiration, any of the articles might also make good kindling.

It's gonna take me a long time to get through them all. The image function is still being fixed I think, so I'm just doing text now. But hopefully this will be a valuable resource to those who want to spread the blackpill. We've had all the studies for ages now, but not all in one place. It will be the ultimate tl;dr page but with the heading links, hopefully people will still be able to get what they want from it.

One of my biggest peeves is when cucks claim the blackpill lacks evidence. That's what I would like to see remedied.

There's hardly anything there yet, but I'll take any suggestions on the plan/format before I get too buried in it if anyone wants to offer any.
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Normies (target audience) don’t have the attention span for that. You unfortunately have to make the video as reddit soy-like as possible for them to get interest and explore the blackpill

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