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Story I had a dream that the feds arrested me for posting on .is



Blackpill Philosopher
May 10, 2023
This was a wild dream. I was taking a walk in my city, a black van stopped by me. I looked at the van and I saw 5 men in black suits claiming that they are federal agents and I am under arrest for encouraging violence and they also told me that I will b charged with domestic terrorism. They forced me into handcuffs. I had an argument with them. I told the feds, "how am I encouraging violence on .is when I have made multiple posts condemning violence? That doesn't make sense. I also have made posts discouraging others from committing violent acts. For example, a user told me that he wanted to go carry out a mass shooting, but I told him not to do it. I advised the user to move on with his life instead of going out with a bang. Despite my efforts to help these incels improve their lives instead of commiting violence, I am being charged with domestic terrorism, that is stupid" the feds told me "but you still encouraged violence, we saw it" :feelstastyman:
I was pissed off and I told the feds, "you guys lack the intelligence to support your arguments with logical arguments. You guys have failed to provide solid-concrete evidence to prove that I called for violence. Instead of debunking my arguments, you have provided me with a low effort response" they ignored me. Before they were about to search my body for weapons or drugs, a pug dog literally chased out the feds. This pug scared the shit out the feds. The feds quickly went back into their van and drove away, they left me on the the sidewalk. I ran away too but not because of the pug, I wanted to go home. I ran to my home but a couple of minutes later, a black armored vehicle caught me. 5 feds with machine guns exited the vehicle and arrested me. I was put into the truck and I woke up. The best part of the dream was when the pug chased the feds out, and that gave me some time to escape from the feds :feelskek:
lmao that's a crazy dream, glad you got some humor relief from the blackness of real life :feelskek:
I don't even have dreams anymore, everything is pitch black.
I dreamed about being in a room full of IT foids / female therapists. They had a fancy modern but mostly empty apartement. I was talking about my inceldom. They gave me a step by step plan on how to improoove. Desperate for change I listened to them. They gave me step 1-6 and step 10 so I asked them what about number 7? They were giggling, how like it's too weird but here is a laptop so I watched a video of some fat troon playing with feces or something weird like that. I started to get pissed off and used the word foid. They laughed with each other, to them it was all a game and I was the circus animal they were watching. Realizing I have told them incriminating evidence I went back to the room and found a calculator. The calculator was recording my voice the whole time. However I couldn't figure out how to delete the voice recording. I then confronted one of the foids but she just looked me straight in the eyes and denied that they were recording me. They also really tried to make me give them back the calculator so I enventually did. The way that foid could look me straight in the eyes while blatantly lying and gaslighting me ignited my rage. I walked around cussing the foid out in my native tongue. Everything escalated after that. And I started to get scared of the consequences of having to to prison for a long time but the rage took over. There was a maintenance technician or a first aid guy walking into their apartement but he didn't wanted to stop me. There was rainbow colored gunk raining from the ceiling and somehow it was in my mouth as well. Disgusted by it I went to the kitchen trying to wash it out. I remember grabbing the small foid that tried to gaslight me by her ankles and bash her head against the wall and the floor over and over until I slinged her accross the room where she splattered against the wall. The dream started cucked but atleast it had a decent ending.
You seem to have a guilty conscience then about what you're posting here, if you have dreams like this.
You seem to have a guilty conscience then about what you're posting here, if you have dreams like this.
I don’t think I’ll ever get in trouble for my posts on .is. I never encourage violence on the internet
They think all incels are terrorists but their war is not against ugly men, its against a society that has
forgotton autistic men.
Might want to take a break from all the sorority arson, son.
to be serious, they may arrest us in the future witha ll of this anti hate bs
Would have no body to bail me out
Glowies tongue my anus
Wisconsin Fbi GIF by GIPHY News
You should have done a special presentation to show the feds why they're so horrible
In all seriousness it would be more like ly that some globalist would hire thugs with either cash or dark money to fuxk with us

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