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I am an aryan afghani! Porkis and Indians not allowed in this white-only thread

Eric harris

Eric harris

Mar 21, 2024
20% - Racebait in ID
Blue eyed afghani aryan overlord.. im in Sweden and everybody thinks im swedish

My family is atheist but im pagan-satanist, and god damn im proud to be an afghani superman

Seeing swarthy pakis and shitdians acting as if theyre above me because im an Afghani from Sweden is funny and pathetic

I will always humiliate brown kids..

Edit: mods dont warn me for posting this in id plz i forgot , lets just say this belongs in ID because i talked about indians, the incellest nation of all time
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Brag thread GrAYman
@DarkStarDown @Adolf Hitler @wereq @Chudpreet
Ok. Now go back cucking your cuck family in that cuck country.
Imagine your dad had the chance, as an afghan, to enslave 4-5 foids and make em salad-toss his anus but decided to migrate to scandinavian fem-hell aka "Sweden" just to wageslave. AND YOU FLEX IT.

Consider the option to ChrisBenoit the fuck out of your house or quit this place.
We'll roll you like cheap cannabis, you Afghanis have kanged on Turko-Mongol aachievements for quite some time, back to your gay dungeon bachabaz!
Ok shitskin inbred GrAYnigger

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