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how was your experience like working with foids?



Nov 8, 2023
I remember in my school years when i had to be forced to work with foids.

buisness class: Everyone had to get in a group. i didn’t have anyone to work with and my aquitance got invited by others. so i went to my teacher and told her i didn’t have anyone to work with. There was another foid who didn’t have a group and the teacher asked her if she wanted to work with me or another group in need of people. She gave awkward smile and chose the latter quickly. so the teacher put in another group filled of foids.

These foids asked if i knew what to do and my autistic ass said yes so the whole time i had to do the work while they gosspied to each other. I was pissed so i asked them constantly what i had to do. I asked another foud in the group what to do and she just said she doesn’t know in frustrated tone and looked away from me quickly. then after i finished i ditched there asses. They kept begging me to see the project and asking me if i finished and i kept saying yes. This one normie tried to trick me to show them my work by saying they had a crush on me and i just said “what the fuck” and ignored.

English class: Teacher made us work in groups with anyone who had the same number on there paper. This one emo foid had to work with me and she just sat in the farthest desk possible from me and would look away from me. I was angry so i told the teacher she’s ignoring me and WOAH! She suddenly spoke up and said “WHAT? YOU DIDNT EVEN SAY ANYTHING?” Like bitch you didn’t either.

Then after that i asked her if she the answers and she pretended that she was daydreaming and not paying attention. then she said “oh no thanks I got all the answers” like bitch what you didn’t do shit other then stare off into space. So anytime i was put to work with anyone in general, they never bothered trying to speak to me and they would just do the work themselves or be on there phones while doing nothing

tldr: just say your experiences
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The worst. Backstabbing, evil, gossipers. See it's all about status, unless you're chad if you're some noob at her job she will see herself as superior to you and a guy not worthy of any respect. Couple that with natural female narcissism and your life is gonna suck.
They don’t collaborate and expect you to do all the work for them as usual. It’s in their dna. If all men left the world, foids wouldn’t be able to function or work properly, instead will cause a catastrophe.
Same experience. Whenever they were forced to work with me because they weren't for whatever reason able to manipulate the teacher into putting them in a project group with chad, another foid, the class fag or what have you, they always intentionally pushed the most arduous and difficult parts of the project/assignment onto me. They would like write the introduction or conclusion or some other dumb shit like that.

They always did a horrifically shitty job even at that too lol. So I always ended up redoing whatever portions they did so that I might not get a terrible grade.

In the end it didn't matter; I'm perpetually height, looks and lifemogged anyways.
Terrible, they never pull their own weight. They're quick to preach about feminism. However, when it comes to work, they want men to do everything for them. It's also torturous to be around them, knowing that I can never have them.
working as in school or a job?
Never worked
In my experiences, they are the worst.

Worker guy who are ass hole exist, but damn women are really a pain in the ass to work with, they look sweet and feminine if they want to, but they are demon waiting to reveal their real apparance, they can't take stresse/pressure from work so they become angry fast at you, the more they don't like your face, the more they will treat you like shit.

Once a woman i worked with treated me like a piece of shit, i even think it was in front of clients man, she excused after, because she realised how stupid it was to get angry at me for just asking a simple question ABOUT A PRODUCT THAT WE SELL.

The ultimate worst situation is to have a female boss, good luck having to work with a boss if you are a sub5, she will be mean AF, angry and not forgiving, they will make you do the bad job and cockblock you everytime, i had a female boss, once i had a date with a girl, she cockblocked me by making me work that specific day even if it was supposed to be my rest day, i didn't told her that i had a date this day, but im sur she lisened to the conversation i had with an other employer...Or someone told her, fuck that shit man.

Obviously the girl was upset and never texted me back...Fuck that clown world.
She didn’t do any work. She talked and blabbed with the Senior Department, and then was promoted to Manager at the age of 22, by Vice President Foid.
It depends. Some were tolerable, some were horrible.
So-called 'big women' or physically well-endowed are usually the worst; they treat you like trash and can even yell at you.
I developed intense resentment and anger towards some types of females.
Females aren't supposed to act aggressive and if they act, I have a desire to beat them with an iron bat ( in video game ).
I don't have an ounce of sympathy for these disrespectful beasts.
in school I was just ignored which is preferable to some of the other stuff i’ve seen here that goes on, at work they’ve more less been casual but often find petty reasons to start drama or hold grudges for no reason, dirty looks and the like.

the trick is to not work any jobs with foids (retail store, medical, etc) and instead focus more on my degree and finding some well paying blue collar job.
Foids in my group always gossiped about their Sex life with chads
I'm lucky the only group work I ever did was in sports and computer class in lessons it was banned
Terrible hated being around foids It felt like they were always uncomfortable to be around me in school my presence degusted them.
i had worked with 2 random foids before in college, they start to join me for idk what reason and then the day after they kicked me.
Got treated like shit by them. Being around women when you're ugly is hell
Terrible hated being around foids It felt like they were always uncomfortable to be around me in school my presence degusted them.
Oh Wow! I just wrote my life discover of how I discovered I was an incel, that's how I knew I was taking the black pill :blackpill:. You're not alone on those feeling, foids are disgusting selfish judgmental manipulators
When I was put into group projects with girls I would not even be listened to if I said anything

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