How to make a Utopian world


Apr 23, 2018
Currently, a lot of people believe that a perfect society can be created by using non-genetic altering methods. Political methods like communism, socialism, fascism, and democracy have failed to create societies with unbiased justice and equality. Instead, these systems create a world where in order for one to thrive, one must suffer. In communism/socialism it has been shown that economic equality is not possible and only creates more oppression due to the inevitable corruption of the party elites.

What the world needs is a new form of equality, which is genetic equality. Genetic equality involves humans being born in labs with predetermined set of physical genes, with these new humans being unable to naturally reproduce. All males look the same, and all females look the same. Same skin color, facial features, height, and body type. The only difference between individuals is their behavior genetics, insuring that diversity of thought is still present in society. Without diversity in thinking, civilization will collapse.

This system would ensure that everyone gets a fair shot in life. Since looks are highly related to one's happiness, society would generally be more productive since there is nobody superior for people to compare themselves too. Since society is more happy and people can connect to each other easier, empathy would be a widespread practice. Humanity as a whole would be goal oriented instead of divisive. People would be willing to put in more effort to advance humanity.

Problems like overpopulation and environmental destruction wouldn't be an issue due to the balanced rate of humans being born/dying. This world would be free of lookism, racism, and other appearance based discrimination. Although income inequality would still be a thing, it is a natural and is necessary since some jobs require more experience and work than others. However monopolies and corporations would be put in check by limiting their power.

This is the only solution to save humanity and this planet. All other methods will eventually cause failure and the same mistakes will repeat themselves.


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Mar 1, 2019
Make full dive lucid dreaming VR or something
Make AR waifus/sexbots real
Make artificial wombs
Tackle the ageing problem
Make it viable for every faggot
Only alternative to the post scarcity communist utopia I can think of tbh


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May 19, 2018
Even if everyone was on the same level of looks there would still be the question of how to live and what government to support. I think you are right and eliminating lookism/heightism would solve a huge portion of biases and suffering but this has nothing to do with good government.


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Jan 29, 2019
All of this would have happened long ago if low I.Q retards were stopped from breeding.
Eugenics is a human right not a rights violation.


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Feb 20, 2019
i don't utopia, i want wasteland, fuck civilized life, i want to spend my days killing cucks


May 29, 2018
The nature of biological life itself is the problem, you can't really alter the conditions of it by changing the details, the same issues will express themselves in very similar ways. If we all looked the same, we'd divide each other based upon what we'd be wearing, who we'd be affiliated with, and which human production facility created us. To create a perfect world you have to eliminate our capacity for struggle, striving, and competition, yet we wouldn't survive without all of them.

Put simply, the real blackpill is coming to terms with the realization that our very existence is the primary issue. The solution is not to find a way to prolong life's continued existence and propagation, it's the other way around. My hope is that some of the very same features which enable us to be destructive, and cause our lives to not be worth their own upkeep will resolve the problem themselves. I wonder how great the capacity to destroy ourselves will be in another century?


Jog Mansen

Feb 10, 2019
It's been done several times before and hasn't worked. Replacing women with technology is the far superior option.
it hasnt been done extreme enough, treat them like Jews during ww2 only difference is force them to have kids once their unable to produce children kill them

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