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How do you think you will die?



ded srs
Nov 8, 2017
By suicide due to inceldom? Hit by car? tbh disease? cancer? ER? 

Tbh I think I will die of a heart attack someday, been smoking cigs since I was 13 no joke. I switched to vaping rn, hope that shit helps but I am still very nicotine addicted.. Just imagine smoking tobacco and nicotine your whole teen life. I used to drink a lot of energy drinks too and my heart would hurt sometime after drinking but I stopped drinking that shit and I drink water only for 2 years now. I still think I will die by heart attack or suicide. 

How would you die? How would you prefer to die?
Suicide most likely.
i have bad luck so probably a bad luck death
heart attack

if not sui

would choose nuke, to be vaporized
In a sauna through a heart defect.
One of my myriad of undiagnosed ailments will get the best of me eventually. Haven't been to a checkup since 2010 or 2011 and I'm NEETing right now. One day my mum will enter my room only to find my corpse.

I probably have so much shit going on with my body. I'm already at BMI 16 - I eat a plate of plain spaghetti and cheese once a day, my right rib is over the right side of my pelvis from scoliosis, I get random pains in my stomach and chest all the time, I get random muscle tremors in my hands that are annoying but aren't life breaking, my left eyewhite has had a slight shade of red for two months now (it comes and disappears often seemingly on it's own), my right foot has a pressure sore because a cripplecel like me shouldn't be walking at all, I saw my door's handle shake in my peripheral vision and then stop after focusing my eyes on it a week ago, about once a week I get gibberish aural hallucinations that are often unintelligible whispers when I'm trying to fall asleep.

There's probably more I can't remember now.
Heart attack by 60. Hopefully before 40.

I've only recently started to get palpitations. My heart clenched for a few moments and all I could think was 'Be quick'. It then relaxed and my chest felt warm.
Either of age, illness or accident.
Don't want to kill myself since that would just validate how everyone around me trated me in high school.
Most likely from heart disease. Smoking like a chimney and getting stress overload everyday isnt that healthy, plus i will be blasting roids soon so im probaly fucked which is great.

Zyzz said:
In a sauna through a heart defect.

haha again ?
Suicide is a meme answer, but i don't have a lot to live for now. Imagine how much worse it will be 10+ years from now
Suicide or heart attack. I have pretty weak heart.
But I might end it before then as well.
Being executed by normies in the Incel Revolution
I'm hoping by heart attack, but I'm afraid it will be cancer or debilitating stronk/aneurysm.

Not sui because fuck that. Normies would love it if we all killed ourselves, they've been trying to get us to do it our entire lives.

Zyzz said:
In a sauna through a heart defect.

"heart defect"
Suicide when Im 40+ years old
I will die because of lung cancer (i smoke all i want since i know i will be alone forever) if i dont kill myself before. I hope i can manage to kill myself tho, lung cancer sound awful
Suicide or less likely some heroic sacrifice. I've always wanted to die on my own terms.
nembutal / fenatyl OD
Suicide, because I'll kill myself before I die of liver cancer or whatever.
Lonely and poor, heart attack, I guess. Grandfather had 2 heart attacks, father had 2, brother born with hole in heart. I have smoked thousands of cigarettes and joints and due to stress, fear, anger, alienation, etc. my life expectation isn't that high anyway. But being old and sick when you're poor and alone is so depressing a thought anyway... Come,sweet death.
Suicide by gun shot.
If I won't sui by 26, probably natural causes.

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