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Discussion Have you ever written a comment under a YT video about incels?



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Dec 11, 2022
Yes and I'm usually ignored. Sometimes I will be met with a dismissive reproach.
idk why i would do that
The other day i make the hivemind of normies get mad at me just saying woman can't be incel
i have before, i cant remember what i wrote and what he replied with but it was a video making fun of incels and included some of the members on this forum such as Linguinicel aka this guy
I did before, but I stopped because it received no likes or replies.
No there's really no reason to. I don't know why you'd interact with journalists in the first place or ever agree to be interviewed, I assume it's just some craigslist actor. Journalists should get more ISIS treatment and be beheaded.
Weirdly enough many comments go like 'many of these guys look good'..... Freudian slip, they accidentally admit looks are important
I see this under a lot of incel vids where the guy looks good lmaoo.

I've also seen comments under that video of women saying "Honestly I would date him, he looks good"

What about his incel personality? Shouldn't that be an instant turn off?
That video seems extremely fake, who the fuck chats to people online like that about being an incel, seems like a psyop made to paint us as weird and making poop/fart jokes.

And then be interviewed about it in your room, the embarassment would be unreal, its very fake.
People fucking hate us...so no.
Yes all the time

I was posting in the youtube incel community before coming here

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