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Have you ever been aquitanced/friends with a incel irl but haven’t spoken to him in years?



Nov 8, 2023
I remember a couple years ago i had an aquitance who was an ugly nerdy fellow like me. He somehow managed to be friends with some popular kids but some made rumors about him and treated him like a joke. I remember people saying to him that a landwhale beckie accused him of having aspergers and another foid accused him of touching her ass.

I remember he would take off his glasses off too for no reason probably to see if he looked better. This world is quite cruel to uglies like us. Anyways i havnt seen him around ever since. Then i overheard a year ago that he left the school cuz he was tired of people taking advantage of him. I wish i could of been his friend. I had his socials but i don’t remember the acc i used that i added him on and he deleted most of his socials too. I sometimes just read other old incel posts and wonder what they’re up too now a days

tldr:Just answer the title question
Not one that has openly identified as such, no. I have hundred percent met incels irl that maybe don't identify as such. I think anyone with even a small social life at any point in time has met a fellow incel.
Met one today, a gigasperg. Other than that NEVER.
My former best friend was an incel before I even knew what it was
definitely, but its not like we talk about it
Yes my old best friend from university but I haven't seen him for 2 years. Hopefully he has his electrician job now and did some big crypto shit. I always kept losing on the crypto and I was demotivated so I stopped talking to him because I knew I wasn't gonna get anywhere in life. Also he lives in London and I can't even go there anymore it's expensive for trains and hotels. We used to talk about inceldom though he was based guy and understood it. He was also incel im pretty sure
My friend is incel in denial
Junior year of high school. He was an Asian manlet along with his twin brother. Last time I saw him was the last month before graduation. After that I never saw them or spoke to them again even though I had their phone numbers.
Yes, the only somewhat true friend i had was a giga autistic truecel
That's story is far too common. Every ugly ik experienced something like this.

there was a new kid that moved to our district in freshman year of high school. Nerdiest nerd to ever nerd. Smelled like a corpse, only talked about video games, weird and dorky. Essentially the strawman of what IncelTears tries to portray us as

Back when I was bluepilled and naive, I decided to invite him to eat with me and my other low tier normie friends. We got along pretty well but he was so unable to socialize that all my friends found him annoying. My "friend" group ended up splitting due to some statusmaxxed high tier normie taking it over so we all went our separate ways. Last time i checked the truecel nerd goes to a local college a few minutes outside of my house. I think i will find a way to reconnect with him. He was a nice guy and he is tall and white so maybe he can SEAmaxx if he gets blackpilled enough.
Don’t have friends, never did.
I "knew" (saw him in school) a guy that looked like st. blackops2cels, was 5'5 and was pretty much mute
Yeah I know a guy. I'm gonna see him soon actually but I haven't talked to him in person for years. I reached out to him recently over social media and we texted a bit. I recall early highschool when we would hang out he would say stuff like, "it's finally nice to have a friend to do stuff with", and "it's nice not being alone all the time". We got into an argument about something and I stopped hanging out with him, I forgot what it was about so it was obviously not that important and I was probably just being a dick
I wish I could take a shot at being irl friends with some people on here

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