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Blackpill {Halo effect moment} Remember that one episode of the simpsons where Marge tries to get a convict free from prison because he's Chad?

Dr. Autismo

Dr. Autismo

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Dec 22, 2023
The episode is called pokey mom, it's the 10th episode in season 12.

The plot is that the Simpsons family go to a prison rodeo and chadstruck by this convict, Jack Crowley (voiced by Michael Keaton), who totally brutally mogs Homer.
Later, Marge teaches prison art class, befriends Jacks and gets his parole granted.
Jack gets a mural painting job at springfield elementary, but principle Skinner, being the beta, oldcel 40 year old KHHV simp that he is, is jealous of Jack the chad and dislikes his artwork.
Jack goes ER and sets fire to the mural, Skinner and everybody in the school thinks Jack did it, but Jack lies to Marge, telling her that he's innocent.
Marge believes him and distracts Skinner and Wiggum to escape... only for Jack to set fire to Skinners car and then gets arrested.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrEpp7We41g

Yeah, it's a pretty BPed episode from the simpsons.
It teaches us that once again, looks triumph over personality.
If Jack looked more like Homer, Marge wouldn't go through all that trouble to get him released early,
brutal no reply pill. simpsons was full of blackpills
brutal no reply pill. simpsons was full of blackpills
And bluepills too, like that one episode with the simpsons gene.
It was pretty much a women are smart, men are dumb episode.
the one with lisa getting with nelson was brutal

the one with lisa getting with nelson was brutal

Oh yeah, I forgot that one, marge even encourages lisa to keep pursuing bad boy nelson.
Also in that clip, its implied that niggrette was crushing on white boy milhouse, and that kraut fatcel was crushing on her.
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Take the SimpsonsPill
Take the SimpsonsPill

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