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SuicideFuel Had a lot in common with girl that rejected me



Chad but they let me post here anyway
May 23, 2019
As you may or may not know, I was chatting online with a local Ukrainian girl. She was just my type but eventually ghosted me as I predicted.

Well I was looking at her instagram and realized that she goes to many of the same places I go to and the same types of places I like. So the suicidefuel is that she was not only my type, but we would have had a really good time doing things because we obviously both like similar places and things. It’s almost uncanny. But it’s not to be because I’m not Chad.
Better luck next time Bro. I hope you become a slayer.

Get that pussy!
White wimen dwsrve cirries like me
Even if you think yall had a “spiritual” connection, its all dogshit.
better luck next time then

mogs a bit for doing things outside, i don't feel welcome anywhere
saw same thing. personality is a match but looks not good enough.
Oh you had a lot in common with the girl that rejected you?

It doesn't matter at all, you must know already what really matters
Not a surprise but still sorry for you
Not a surprise but still sorry for you
That you for you condolences.

She wasn’t even a Stacy, almost my looksmatch tbh. But it was just crazy looking at her pictures and how many of the same places we have been to. I wonder if I will run into her one day.

If my face wasn’t so ugly I would likely have a highly compatible gf right now and be happy. FUCK!!!

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