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Soy Gullible Husband Says Teacher Wife Accused of “Raping” 14-Year-Old Student is Innocent



May 24, 2022

Gullible Husband Says Teacher Wife Accused of “Raping” 14-Year-Old Student is Innocent​

Elvis Dunderhoff August 25, 2023

Melissa Rockensies
A woman can’t “rape” a man. Unless you believe in trannies, the concept is absurd on its face.
What does it even mean?
Like, what is the woman going to rape the man with? Some cylindrical object?
How could she possibly overpower him?
New York Post:
The husband of a Queens middle school teacher accused of raping a 14-year-old boy claimed to The Post on Wednesday that she’s innocent — as prosecutors revealed disturbing new details, including that the mom of three allegedly regularly abused the student inside her car.
It’s also “abuse”?
Is that fatphobia?
Melissa Rockensies, a 33-year-old teacher at Corona Arts and Sciences Academy, was flanked by her husband as they were spotted arriving at their Massapequa home Wednesday morning — some 24 hours after she was arrested on rape and other charges.
My wife is innocent. She’s the mother of three kids. She loves them very much,” said her husband, William Rockensies.
“She’s been a big part of the community at her school. We all support her. We’re saying she’s innocent. I won’t elaborate any further why.”

William and Melissa Rockensies
Melissa Rockensies, who was released without bail at her arraignment in Queens Criminal Court on Tuesday evening, wouldn’t comment as she carried a baby inside the home. She has pleaded not guilty.
Rockensies allegedly started sending the victim sexually explicit messages via social media in July last year, when she was one of his summer school teachers and counselors, prosecutors said.
The alleged sexual abuse started two months later when Rockensies began meeting the boy in her car near the school, according to the criminal complaint against her.
She is accused of having sex with the alleged victim in the car “at least once a week” from October last year until last month, the complaint said.
So now it’s “having sex” with him.
That makes a lot more sense than “rape.”
Investigators obtained screenshots of Instagram messages Rockensies had allegedly exchanged with the underage boy that detailed their sexual relationship, according to prosecutors and law enforcement sources.
Authorities were alerted after Rockensies allegedly went to her principal in early July to report that the student had threatened to shoot her and her kids if she didn’t cough up $5,000, police sources said.
It wasn’t clear if Rockensies told the principal why the male student was allegedly trying to extort her.
The boy — who no longer attends the school — then allegedly tried to get into the building on July 12 with two of his friends but was turned away by cops, the sources added.
Days later, the student emailed the principal and assistant principal screenshots of his allegedly sexually explicit conversations with Rockensies and accused her of having sex with him, according to the sources.
The principal subsequently reported the accusations to the city Department of Education, the sources said.
This consent charade is absurd.
It’s immoral for a woman to cheat on her husband with a younger man. But the entire “consent theory” falls apart when we start calling it “rape” exclusively because of the age.


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