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Girl who looks like a gothic walrus celebrates the r/incels banning



Nov 12, 2017

I am sure her 1000 orbiters will congratulate her on how brave she is and gift her money and prizes.
Pale + Dark hair = I'm masturbating. On mute, of course.
lol TFW too ugly as a femoid to get Youtube hits.
She is deformed, her male equivalent would be truecel
I don't know if I would smash. Maybe if she made the first move.
in mgtow terms, this is roastie twice hit Great wall of China
mental_out said:
"They're usually racist"

lol at least half of the community was nonwhite

Racist is the new buzzword go to insult.
just lol at that underdevloped face
Thats one ugly whore
slackbum said:
She is deformed, her male equivalent would be truecel

The cruel unfairness of life.
"Don't let them get their message out."

They know out message resonates with many men (there are more incels than there are homosexuals). Well I don't know about you guys, but this has motivated me to get our message out.

"And the thing is, they do a really scarily good job of using social justice type rhetoric to talk about male inadequacy and societal expectation of men and women... in a way that if you're twisted enough and resentful enough and sad and lonely enough, you could kind of see where they're coming from."

Keep on doing the scarily good work.
litteral aspie. thinks shes a normie because shes so dumb.
these are the people who dedicate their lives to stalking us.
Lol it's disgusting. Sounds like typical normie advice too.
Video got deleted. Couldn't take the heat, huh? Anyone got a screenshot?
Lol, women are so concerned about getting validations, and privilege checks...

Why can't we have our own space? Were we are allowed to exist and a place that accepts for who we are (as well as a place that validates us).
I hope one of you saved the video
This video is unavailable

hahaha dumb cunt

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