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Fellow Incels with Chad/Stacy siblings, How is it?



Nov 7, 2017
I was fortunate enough not to deal with this, but for fellow incels with siblings who mog them and are dating, how do they treat you? Do they hate you? Do they make fun of your face? Do your parents treat them better then you?
Parents treat us equally, They dont hate or make fun of me. I feel bad for the rest of you that are hated by you're own family, thats the ultimate suicide fuel.
Pretty bad. Femails openly say he is more attracted. When nick minaj shot a movie in my area, femail models were around and didn't bat an eye at me but did to my older brother. Femails visibly dislike ugly men and give attention to better looking ones.
My sister is not a Stacey and married a relatively balding subhuman. She's normie + perhaps Staceylite on looks. To be honest she's extremely nice and has always treated me with respect and dignity. She does not agree with my blackpilled views (thinks fems are held back in this society, lol), but we get along very well. I watched Justice League with her today, and although my running criticism of the film annoyed the fuck out of her we still had a good time. Note that we're only 'friends' because of our bloodline. If we were not related, as a femoid, she would not associate with me what-so-ever.
I get mogged by my dad, which is sort of normal I guess, but not to the point where girls in high school thought it was okay to tell me that my dad was "super hot." Nowadays he works from home 90% of the time, makes ridiculous bank, and plays sports 3+ times a week so he is jacked. Looks 15-20 years younger than he actually is, kind of like me but it actually benefits him because he is 50+ and I look like a low-T teenager. FML.
You feel like dying when you see your sister with Chads
My brother is Chadlite and it's very annoying.
I have two sisters. People keep saying my sister is attractive, I have never been called attractive.

Best moment to encapsulate the difference in looks: My sister won prom queen, while I went alone to prom my junior year and skipped it senior year due to not having a date.

My parents like that I am studious and know what I want. My sister, although not completely off course does not think as far as ahead as me in the future regarding careers or academics I think.
iiiTeMpeR said:
I was fortunate enough not to deal with this, but for fellow incels with siblings who mog them and are dating, how do they treat you? Do they hate you? Do they make fun of your face? Do your parents treat them better then you?

, crap most of the time, yes, yes, yes
My brother believes he is better than me
Not a brother but cousin. I always see him with a bunch of tanned cuties and he makes me jealous
I have two little brothers, one is a normie(16) and the other is an turbo mini-chad in progress and he`s already enjoying his high-status privilege (13)

Good lord what a fucking nightmare, my parents scream at me for the most little offense meanwhile those two get a free pass, the worst is that my middle brother is an carbon copy of me in personality yet he get social circles and girlfriends.

I moved out to my grandparents house so i can avoid them, i fucking hate them and i hope they die.
the worst part about my sisters is that they aren't really all that tbh. they are not even 6/10's yet they can still get any guy they want. neither of the are even 21 and one has a baby and the other is pregnant. living with them is pure suicide fuel.
I have a Chadlite brother, who is pretty nice. He is a bit of frustrated that I'm still a virgin. "Just make a Tinder profile, bro." He always tries to blue pill me.

He is currently traveling in Asia. He fucked more girls (white girls mostly) than most people do in their lifetime, in a single week at a hostel. He had a chance to fuck some hot Italian girl, but he declined because she had taken some BBC the previous day, that's how picky he can be. They had been laying down and she told him "you're so hot." JFL at all of the blue pilled losers who say that girl are mysterious and don't give everything away. If they want to fuck you, they make it really clear. If it's like that for him, imagine how it's like for Chad.
My sisters are okay, we don't talk a lot to each other and we both do our things seperately.
Master said:
My brother is also an incel, just like me. My sister is married, though.

Would she have been an incel had she been a guy?
my brother is taller than me, 5 years younger and literally takes the piss all the time, LMFAO

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