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[F50] I think My son [M23] is an incel and I don't know how to help him

If you deviate even a little bit from the normie preconditioned programming and behavior you are outcasted and labeled
"On paper he's a catch---"

Yes. But he's not a Chad, and that's what women want. So he's still not good enough.
He can't be saved or defended anymore.
Very handsome and tall? Mogged again
If your son has reached the age of 23 and you don’t know he’s on the Spectrum, you’ve failed as a parent.
Its his mom of course she overrates his looks.
Most important question for me: Where is his dad? That foid mentioned him nowhere. I would never talk about dating/foids with my mum. Foids are totally clueless when it comes to this topic. "Get a shower, be nice and buy some flowers!" lmao
Dude's 23, too, so that means it never began for him if he isn't a Chad/Chadlite. At least 7,5-8/10 and 6ft tall. Over for normiecels.
My grandmother calls me tall (I’m 5’3) so I’m not sure she should be trusted.
could be worse, mine asked me if I felt ridiculous out of nowhere while we were walking in town (I'm 5'4) jfl
It's her fault to grant her son subhuman genetics.
If that's not made up, it's once again the brutal NT-pill. Aspergers or autism: death penalty. You can have almost everything right in your life and it's still not enough. You will most likely to suffer, have a shitty career or no career, not experiencing giving a creampie to a foid ever, being gaslighted all the time and then suffer from health problems.

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