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NSFW ER3 (emba radio 3) incels of the 80's & 90's



Jarjar Sphinx
May 19, 2019
emba radio 3, incel life in the 80's & 90's

this post is about the lives (and a few deaths); of various incel bros I knew in the 80's & 90's when I lived urban.

TLDR and introduction...

only one was blackpilled... some were rich, some we're poor, black brown and white, all were lonely. all drank and smoked weed.

only a few "ascended" if you can call it that. (explained later, their stories are marked with an "A")

I doubt any of them will mind me talking about them. I did try to get a few bros to join me here but their dignity and the bluepill prevented them, so fuck them if they get upset. it's not a doxx, it's more of a doc's.

Consider it more of a memorial tribute to these fine old gentlemen! My Frens...

Crater, the acid (faced) man.


Various Bob's,
The Narcoleptic Dream Warrior....

Plumb Bob

The imprisoned betabuxx (A-)


Shawn, "fish!"

Yawn, "Ping..," tourettes manlet

(link to the Krarftwerk song I thought he would like... Boing Boom Tschak,)

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYMIkq3NIgE

Abernethy punk Melvin/Urkle

The various Scotts.
insane Scott...

artistic chinless balding manlet...

the toad warrior... (A+?)

Greg, cutecel manlet coke dealer.

Dave, ginger manlet trucker. (honk! honk! A~?)

the retard brothers... (AI)

othercels, countrycels, noncels, and ending notes.... (I didn't actually stab any Bros, that was a metaphor for me being a rude and vicious jerk.)

I hope you found their stories to be helpful.

Hopefully I didn't fuck up there stories too much...
Nice I’m excited to listen to all this. I always wanted to know how u managed being an incel during these time periods and how life was like in your perspective
None of the audio is loading
Even in the 80s and 90s, if you are not good looking, you have always been fucked it seems.
Life in times before social media seems so surreal
This sounds like the GTA 5 radio commercials
you live next to popcorn sutton
shake that shit out and its clean :feelshaha:
may you live the rest of your years in peace brocel :feelscomfy:
Best thread of the week.
Im liking this new BummerDrummer, Go Emba!
Do more brudda
Do more brudda
I have a few ideas, but unfortunately I'm feeling pretty bad these days. Physically. But I finally got a clue as to my problem. So hopefully I can herbalimmaxx my way to health.
Were girls as hypergamous back then
Emba Radio > all other stations

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