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Story Does anyone else have a PC racist dad who makes you feel bad for being white?

i am so sick of the pc racists man. some on here wish they were white. my parents hate them selves for being white because of the prog racists in big cities
Brutal, thank god my dad was country boy and has no shame in his ancestry, he hates most immigrants too.
most immigrants are crap. me from the suburbs
It's true the retarded elites import them on the mass so they never assimilate to the countries culture. The lose of respect for each is mainly their fault.
Your dad sounds retarded. Also what sorts of genes did he pass onto you? Being "from a wealthy family" means little. My family ended up quite wealthy MONETARILY by the time I was a teenager but our family is dirt poor (even by curry standards) when it comes to GENETIC wealth (the only wealth that matters). A trailer park trash white family with 6ft2 sons has much higher wealth that a turbomanlet curry family living in multi million dollar mansions.
Are you sure that the third world, to some extent doesn't do it? I'm willing to bet that some news outlets has some news of a non white guy from the third world fucking a goat or some shit like that lmao.
Not as much as cumskins and dogs :lul::lul::lul:
i'd like to thank all of you for your support. stay based and rape femoids for me m'kay:feelsmage::feelscomfy::feelscomfy::feelscomfy::feelscomfy::feelscomfy::feelscomfy::feelscomfy::feelscomfy::feelscomfy::feelscomfy::feelscomfy::feelscomfy::feelscomfy:
Pay some black guys to jump his ass, then do it again.

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