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Do you hate your parents?



Most men die at 27 — We just bury them at 72
Jun 2, 2024
I'm starting to really hate my parents. All my problems stem back to them. Why did they purposefully try for a kid while living in a trailer home? My father was a garbage man, mom a bartender. They are both low IQ, low status, no wealth.... Legit why am I here on Earth
I don't really care about them. They are both closet alcoholics. Typical baby boomers who only care about the wealth of their own.
No. I love my mom :):heart:
No dad and and my whole life i didnt even live with my mom so neither but am i salty about my height and frame
Put it this way.

If I could swap my parents right now, I would with no second thought.
Druken deadbeat retarded manchild father and a crazy bitch psycho mother
It’s funny when incels claim they love their parents. Don’t you realise if you weren’t born to such ugly, low class retards that you wouldn’t be on this forum rotting.

YOUR FAILURES ARE YOUR PARENTS FAILURES. They always could’ve done more to stop you becoming an outcast but they didn’t. They gave up on you
Yes. I have a miserable life because of them. Abusive childhood and zero support. That's ok because I will end this bloodline by not having kids. Their memory will not live on.
Probably yes even tho they werent abusive and here are the reasons:

1. My father nearly died in his 20s due to food poisoning where he had a 5% chance of survival, his liver was swollen like a balloon. Then he nearly died again by falling through a glass roof and got deep cuts all over his body. He still found it to be a good idea to impregnate my mother even after these experiences.

2. My mothers reason for having me was quite literally 'An experiment'. She was abused by her mother when she was a kid and wanted to try it out herself in order to prove to her mother - a mentally unstable lunatic - that she can be a better mother. Unfortunately im a Neuro Untypical Freak who never received good parenting as her parenting method was basically: "Give him no boundaries and just let him grow naturally".

3. My mother decided she wanted 2 kids - ultimately she ended just with me because i had a birth defect that gave me several skin diseases.

4. My mother decided it was a good idea to have a child despite that she was still in college and BARELY made it. My father was, for the most parts of his life, jobless or worked as a painter.

5. Before I was born, my parents lived in a shit suburb where they were robbed, at their home 5 fucking times!

6. My parents worked each for almost 35 years, and both of them own...nothing. They own 1 Apartment and 2 cars worth about 30k COMBINED. They have no money and are sick of me Betabuxxing, despite that i live alone and they rarely visit me.

7. My parents have no social circle. Similar to me, my parents, especially my mother have no friends. They gave 2 close friends but those arent much of friends either. They have no connections, ever, and where unable to teach me that GRADES are irrelevant bullshit and CONNECTION means everything.

8. They have discouraged and bullied me all over my life which made me depressed - now they wonder why Im a doomer lmao They are both crazy people.

9. Life is pointless - and they should have known, now im here, lonely, owning nothing, wagecucking till death or rope.

Thanks for nothing.
Nah. My mom was strict but i understand why from the area we lived and what was around us. My father was pretty careless when he came to us looking back for some reason. Overall i could’ve ended up way worse and they didn’t really try their best but with what they did it worked out somewhat
I don't like my father. My mother lets me be NEET, my father is a typical NPC alcoholic and with a bad background.
If you got eaten by a lion, would you morally condemn the lion?
No, it's just nature running its course. All living things always make the best decision based on their own circumstances and knowledge. Might not be the most optimal ones if you look back at them, but you didn't know better.
As for my parents, they've done their best.
They gave up on me from the moment I was born but still act like I owe them something.
One is a drunk, petty manchild and the other is a drunk bum who only LARPs as a mother.
her parenting method was basically: "Give him no boundaries and just let him grow naturally".
Ya this was my parentx method as well. Totally have no skills and no drive/discipline.
It's my fault. I'm sorry, son
You’ve been posting on an obscure forum for lonely virgins on the corner of the internet this whole time instead of even bothering to attend to your 3 kids, 2 of which are too dysfunctional, non-NT, and neurotic to function normally in society?

Damn, at least pay ur child support u bum
I could never hate my parents. They may have given me shit genetics, but they treated me well.
DOnt like them very much im not even close to them they dont matter to me cause there not related to me
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No, I'm neutral towards them. They did me no ill aside from shutting me inside when I was young and forcing me to study ahead.
I don’t wanna say hate, but I do feel a lot of rage towards my family in general.
yes i do hate them i cant move out unless i want to face homelessness and starve and die on the streets id want that being in the house with them is better than that :feelsrope:
She does a lot for me such as letting me NEET, but she is also responsible for my genetics so I don't know

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