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Serious Do incels hate other incels?

Bascially what i'm saying is I hope you get your throat slit flamer faggot





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Infighting will always be a thing in any community and yes, even the Incel community.
You who attacks and betrays fellow incels just because you are mad that you can't get laid means that you are just like kids who are acting up by attacking innocent people around them. So you are the kid. Not me. Dumbass.
You’re still not making any coherent sense or argument. You took aim at a well established member of the forum in @Uggo Mongo. Making baseless accusations just because you don’t understand what joke or satire is. You came off looking like the fakecel infiltrator instead. I would advise you just stop and get back in your meds at this point if not just get lost completely.
rope u r such a fag u are the fakecel
I hate every single person dead and alive and that ever will exist
So you are also saying that you are a bad person? If you are a bad person then that means that it is indeed okay that chads, stacies, normies, and women rejected you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
I have long since moved beyond questions of guilt or innocence. I don't need a reason to kill someone. It's definitely satisfying, I can assure you that much.
The Incel community would grow stale and boring if everybody was on the same page
So you are also saying that you are a bad person? If you are a bad person then that means that it is indeed okay that chads, stacies, normies, and women rejected you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
See ur just as toxic as anyone else in this community. You're not as high and mighty in here as you think lol.
I hate anybody who’s not a virgin, and in particular someone who got molested in a church.
No incel by definition fits the above description, so I don’t hate other incels.
I have been reading threads in this forum but I notice something strange.

Do incels in this forum hate other incels?

The reason why I am asking this is because of the user here by the name of @Uggo Mongo. He seems like a fakecel who only came here to bully other incels. Many of his answers and replies have nothing to do with incel issues such as hypergamy, women rejecting ugly men, etc. because his answers and replies seem to be just about bullying people here for stupid reasons such as when @Uggo Mongo bullied a Christian incel by saying that the Christian incel is stupid for asking out a “tranny”. I mean how can the Christian even know that the person he is crushing is really gay? Also, the Christian clearly wants a female and not a gay.

The fact that most of what Uggo Mongo here does is just bullying others is kind of a red flag. It seems like he just want to fuck with people here.

Now you are probably asking me the question “What does Uggo Mongo have to do with my question about why incels in this forum hate other incels?”. Well, I have seen that most people here side with Uggo Mongo against real incels when he is bullying them. Why are people here doing this? Is it because Uggo Mongo is a chad? Is it because he is tall, handsome, and muscular? I want to think that the people siding with him here are also fakecels like him but the majority of people here side with him that it's very unlikely for them to also be fakecels like Uggo Mongo.

It's very cuck of you incels to betray your fellow incels by siding with a chad(Uggo Mongo) against another incel. Remember that it was the chads that tormented you people in highschool. Not other incels. Aren't incels the natural enemies of chads?

People here come off as like those stupid highschool normie kids joining the bullies in bullying social outcasts. It doesn't make any sense. If you continue doing this, then you're no better than those stupid normies who sided with your bullies against you.

But my biggest question is why is it that Uggo Mongo isn't banned yet? He speaks like a highschool bully chad whose only purpose here is to bully incels and eccentric introverts.

Uggo Mongo seems like a fakecel to me. Also, what kind of incel would call themselves “BEEFY CHADCEL”? Aren't incels supposed to be unattractive short guys? How can an incel be a chad when they are opposites of each other? What is a chad(Uggo Mongo) doing in this forum?

You guys seem to love chads(like Uggo Mongo) because they are handsome and tall.

Do you hate your fellow incels?
dood look. there's people here who buy escorts and are probably just sociopathically looking down upon us for missing out. I'm here to tell you that you don't need the validation from society. you can pray independently of any bs racket soyfed organization. you can strengthen yourself in all manners with your own means and in your own way.
oh and i know there's some people who really hate me on this site. mostly blacks. thye're fake and usually buy whores anyways. so much for muh slavery. they get to blame whitey for their own mindset because it is an easy way out for their leaders than to look at the gangster single mom promiscuous foster care culture that is holding them back. that would kill their whole PC thing.
Flamewar, goading, etc, is common in pretty much any anonymous or semi-anonymous space on the internet. This forum is actually below average in terms of animosity between members.
I think the answer is Yes, because there will be always a bigger truecel, so the other cels woud look like normies compared to him.
I don't really care what you say!!! What you just did is show me that you are just psychotic bastards who are throwing a tantrum about women not liking you.

You just showed me that all of you are psychotic and mentally ill morons that women indeed should reject.

I mean if you hate other incels then you must think that there is a good reason for bullies to persecute you!!!

how did no one report this guy until today lol
Why would I? I have a compassion to any incel, even if he doesn't relate to my problems.

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