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Toxic Femininity Disgusting female landwhale blob pleads guilty to federal charge after sexually trafficking her 12-year-old sister



cope and seethe
Oct 1, 2018
Lacosta Steele

Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Justice announced:
Lacosta Steele, 25, of Iaeger, admitted that in October and November 2020 she persuaded a 12-year-old girl to engage in sexually explicit conduct, including masturbation and the lascivious exhibition of her genitals, for the purpose of creating videos of this conduct. Steele admitted that she then sent those images to her then-boyfriend using her cell phone. Steele also admitted that during this same time frame she transported the same 12-year-old girl to R.D. Bailey Lake, where her then-boyfriend engaged in sexual intercourse with the child.

Steele pleaded guilty to distribution of child pornography and faces at least five and up to 20 years in prison when she is sentenced on April 4, 2022.

Here's a copy of the factual stipulation set out in the plea agreement:
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It's fucked up to persuade any 12-year-old to engage in sexual activity. What's even more fucked up is persuading your 12-year-old sibling to engage in sexual activity, and by that I mean pimping out your 12-year-old sibling to not one but two of your normie boyfriends.

A quote from a U.S. magistrate judge ordering her detained:
However, the alleged instant offense involves the defendant engaging in sexual acts with her 12-year-old minor female sister. The defendant allegedly produced child pornography with her sister and allegedly encouraged/manipulated her sister into sending child pornography of herself to the codefendant in this case (Nicholas Icenhour, Docket No.: 1:21CR00187-001). Further, the defendant allegedly transported her 12-year-old sister to a location so that Mr. Icenhour could have sexual intercourse with her. The defendant’s sister is now pregnant and in CPS custody. The 12-year-old minor female victim believes the father of her expected baby to be Timothy Edwards. Timothy Edwards’ alleged sexual relations with the 12-year-old minor occurred at 1510 Sandy Huff Road, in Ieager, West Virginia, the residence where the defendant, her boyfriend, her father, and her father’s girlfriend all currently reside. Therefore, the Court FINDS by clear and convincing evidence that no condition or combination of conditions of release will reasonably assure the safety of any other person and the community.

I had to reread that to make sure I was reading that correctly. What the absolute fuck is wrong with normies? Also, a insane landwhale like that has two partners?

As I've highlighted repeatedly, it's incredibly obvious based on who the federal authorities are arresting that the most dangerous paedophiles are not incels, but deranged, low-inhib normalfags.

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whiteknights will find a way to blame the boyfriend, women can do no wrong teehee. its not incels who is going around fucking 12yo its normies with girlfriends.
She'll probably get off easy because she's a foid. Good job finding these cases, buddy.:feelsautistic:

Yeah, she obtained a very good plea agreement. Prosecutors dropped the most serious charges against her in exchange for testimony against her boyfriends.
Lol chad not only has a harem of sluts to fuck at will, he has those sluts trafficking little kids into his harem to fuck as well. True Ragefuel:reeeeee:

Imagine having access to that degree of free pussy, compared to the Life of your avg Incel
noooooo but some inklers ranting about wahmen in the internet is more dangerous than thousands of cases of foids abusing children!!!!:soy::soy::soy::foidSoy::foidSoy:

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